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So I was watching Tbs because I was watching 2 broke girls and I hear that Conan O'Brien was going to South Korea. So I kept the chanel on Tbs and waited for his show to come on and I can't believe he was in a Korean drama and filmed a music video with J.Y Park and Steven Yeun!!!!!! Here I will show you the clips of the drama and music video they did. I thought it was great, he was so lucky he got to go visit Korea and learn more about their culture.
On the full episode I saw how conan was just reading his part and how many times he mispronounced the words to his speaking part. I'm just happy I am not the only one struggling to pronounce the Korean language.
Steven Yeun!!!!! from the Walking Dead!!!!! J.Y Park!!!!!! Conan O'Brien!!!!!!!!!
You can see more about it at the link below. Like I said before I think it was great. Let me know if anyone else saw it on TV and was fan freaking over South Korea through this entire show like me lol I couldn't get for the full episode but if you want to see it I am pretty sure you can find it on the Tbs website or Team coco website. Thanks let me know what you think. All videos go to their rightful owner I do not owe anything. Thank you.
Leave it to JYP to have the strangest video ever haha I'm not sure if I'm digging this 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Hahahaha I like how this is pretty much a JYP song but with Conan and Steven in it. They should have gotten singing parts!!!
lol I love ot. especially how the liquor said kpop k flavor.... @danidee and @nicolejb did you see our funny man.
I heard that he started in "Happy Ending" but I didn't know he was also in a music video. That's amazing!!!
Chincha? That's amazing. 馃槉馃槉