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The perverted characters. while this can equally be an annoying thing if over exaggerated, I think the perverted characters are equally important and add humor to the anime.
lollies, lollies, lollies. You can never have to many Lollies. I think @BlackoutZJ would agree with me on this. Their just so adorable!
The "senpai notice me!" cliche. honestly I can't explain why I like this, I just do.
the friendship giving you strength cliche. I like to believe that our friends have the power to give us strength when we need it, so I love this cliche.
the almost kiss cliche. this is yet another one that can also be annoying. but it adds anticipation to the anime, so I support it.
@Alcides13 sorry Idk what its from
we all can relate
@SunnyLi @LuvVing56 outbreak company, and the seven deadly sins
what's the anime from 3&4 first row
what's the first anime pic?
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