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chapter 9 : Happy New Year (Final Chapter)

Going to a club wasn't really my idea of fun. I seriously just wanted to be alone but I couldn't let them down especially because I had already told Junhong I'd be going. I was actually thinking about telling him that I'd meet him there but I'm not so sure it's a good idea to go by myself. I know I'd chicken out last minute.
It's Yoongi.
"Hey Minji. What's up? You still in Seoul?"
"Yeah. For the time being. What's up?"
"Nothing much just hanging out. What're you doing? Any plans for tonight?"
"I'm kind of going back and forth. Junhong invited me to celebrate with him and his members but I'm not so big on clubs. What about you?"
"Eh. Just a little house party. You and Zelo back together?"
"No, We're friends. But I think maybe I should give him another chance. I'm just not sure, I have a lot of emotions going on."
"Is it because of Namjoon?"
I sighed.
"You heard what happened didn't you?"
"About what?"
"Mmm. Well...I don't think I'm the person who should tell you."
"What do you mean? What happened?"
I was really curious now.
"Why don't you come kick it with us tonight?"
"But how? I can't just ditch Junhong. I gave him my word"
"Tell him something came up."
"Nah. I can't do that, I'd be lying. Besides, I'm leaving tomorrow."
"What? Why so soon?"
"I need to enroll for my upcoming semester. So I can't stay any longer."
"What time are you leaving then? We'll meet you there, although it kinda sucks we didn't get to hang out much. You gonna come back to visit?"
"I don't know...To be honest, I don't think I'll be very welcomed least not anymore."
"That bad?"
"I'd say so. I just feel like maybe I should move forward and never look back but if you're ever in England, feel free to look me up."
"You know I will. Well alright. Let me know if you're gonna come alright? Come after midnight we'll still be up, At least stop by and wish us a Happy New Year."
"I guess I could do that. I'll text you"
"Alright cool. Be careful and I'll see ya later"
"okay. Bye"
Should I go? I mean what if Namjoon shows up unexpectedly? What if he brings his new wife too then I'll be embarrassed and feel like such an idiot. I'll wanna leave ASAP and it'll be rude to just show up and leave quickly. I just wouldn't be able to be there with the newlywed couple...Yet again. I guess seeing that would make my silly illusion of Namjoon go away. I have to face the music, Namjoon is happily married to my sister his first and only love. They'll live happily ever after and have kids while I will live the lonely life of a Doctor in England still loving someone I can't and never could have...Even if Junhong and I did end up together, I could never love him the way I loved Namjoon. My love for Namjoon was special and sadly, Junhong isn't as meaningful to me as he was...
I took a deep breath and went shopping. This is seriously a pain in the ass.
Himchan: Well, look at you, looking all nice and handsome.
Zelo blushed.
Yongguk: You goona kiss her at midnight.
"Awe come on guys. I know she's still loves Namjoon, there's no way we'd end up together..I already had my chance with her and sadly I blew it."
Jong-Up: So? Anything can happen Zelo. Besides that's in the past, Who knows. She might take you back.
Youngjae: I see the way she looks at you sometimes.
Daehyun: Who can resist such a cute maknae like you?
They chuckled.
Zelo sighed. "We'll see."
I got as pretty as I'll ever get. I put all my effort into doing my hair, makeup and this dress was perfect. Festive and Sexy. I've never worn anything like this before, I hope it's not too much. I waited for Junhong to come pick me up. Everything was already packed, I just needed to come back to change after the whole party thing was over and buy the next ticket back to England.
*Knock Knock*
I went to open the door. I smiled at the sight of Junhong.
"Hey" I said.
He looked at me. "M-Minji?"
He kept looking at me, head to toe.
"Is something the matter? I can go change if this looks weird." I said.
"Ahem. I mean, No. You're perfect. You look absolutely...gorgeous."
I began to blush.
He smiled at me and took my hand. "Let’s go."
We arrived to the club and entered V.I.P room, the other members were there.
Yongguk: Where has this Minji been?
Himchan: Sexy (;
"W-Well I didn't pick the dress! The department store lady did...She said it would look good on me"
Jong-Up: Well she was right. You have an S line.
Junhong: Mhmm.
-___- I already feel uncomfortable.
Youngjae: Your hair looks cute ^^
"Thank you~" I smiled.
Daehyun: It must've taken you a while.
I nodded. "It did. But I'm pretty content with it."
We sat down and talked for a while. Then as the club got more and more lively the boys decided it was time to hit the dancefloor. All except me of course.
"You guys go ahead. I don't dance..."
Yongguk: What? Come on. It'll be fun.
Himchan: Yeah you can dance with Zelo.
My heart raced. "Uh. No I reallt don't know how to dance..."
"I'll stay with her." Junhong said.
We're gonna be alone? o.O
The guys smiled.
Yongguk: Well, Alright. See you two later.
Himchan: Be good.
They headed out to the dancefloor and Junhong came to sit next to me. It was quiet. I simply looked around.
"Minji...Is there something on your mind?"
"No. Well...sort of."
"What is it?"
"Junhong...I'm leaving tomorrow." I said.
"I need to go back and finish school. I kind of want to stay out of the country for my studies."
"Will you come back?"
"To be honest, No. I don't think I will."
"It's because of Namjoon isn't it? Minji...He doesn't deserve you."
I looked at him. "As stupid as this might sound...I already knew that from the moment he told me that he had already been seeing my sister. But I don't understand why. I want to forget about him and move on..."
"Then why don't you?"
I shrugged. "My mind says 'You' but then my heart is split two ways."
He scoot closer to me. "You know..the time I spent with you...was so precious and I did love you....I still do."
My eyes widened. "You love me?"
He nodded and stroked my cheek. "I always did...If I could take back what I did I would but I can't"
"Junhong, I dont deserve you. I would only hurt you...As much as I want to be with you, I can't. I don't want to hurt you..."
"Do you love me?" He asked as he looked into my eyes.
I feel like I do but I still love Namjoon too...
"Please don't make me choose..." I said as I looked away from him.
He took a deep breath.
I leaned against him. "I'm sorry...I don't mean to hurt you Junhong. I do love you but I can't..."
He held my hand. "I'll always be waiting for you Minji."
I smiled slightly.
A slow song came on.
"You wanna dance?"
"I can't dance." I said.
"It's a slow song. Come on."
We stood up. He placed my hands behind his neck and placed his hands on my waist. We swayed slowly side to side. I rested my head on his chest. I felt him embrace me. We were still swaying and then I looked up at him. He smiled at me.
Should I let him kiss me tonight?
We stopped swaying and his hands cupped my face. He leaned in a bit hesitant, I slightly smiled. He smiled back then leaned forward all the way, his lips were being placed on mine.
Then the door opened.
Yongguk: Hey. It's almost midnight! You guys should....Ohh, Did I interrupt something?
Junhong and I pulled away from each other.
Yongguk: Ahem. Well, We're down there if you need us.
He walked back out.
Ugh. This is so awkward now!
Junhong looked at me. "You wanna go join them? It's like 2 minutes until midnight."
"Sure. We can go."
I wanted to stay with him here but there's no way the mood that was there would come back.
"Hmm?" I turned around and he didn't hesitate.
He kissed me. "Minji, I want you to stay here. With me, In Korea. I don't want you to leave again..."
"Please. Noona, I'm begging you." He pleaded.
It really broke my heart seeing him like this. He kissed me again, His hands cupping my face. It was the most passionate kiss I've ever had...
"5,4,3,2.....1!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!" The people were cheering and kept on celebrating.
Junhong slowly pulled away from me but pecked me on the lips once more before backing away completely.
He left me starstruck. I honestly couldn't cope with what was happening...
"Hmm? Oh Sorry..."
He smiled. "Happy New Year."
He hugged me. "My New Year's for the girl I love to stay here with my side."
I hugged him back. As much as this hurts, I have to say it.
"I hope that girl will find you someday and that she'll truly treasure you for who you are and can love you the way you deserve to be loved..."
He pulled away from the hug and looked at me.
"But Minji...."
My eyes began to water. "Junhong...I can't stay."
"Minji, I..."
I was a coward but more than anything, I was afraid of hurting him anymore than I already have.
"I have to go...."
"Please don't go...I love you..."
Those words sounded so sincere and I knew he truly meant them, My heart was shattered by the expression on his face...He was broken and it was my fault. Without anything else to say, I made my way out of the room and quickly made my way to the exit. I can't do this! Why did I ever agree to come?! I should've just left when I had the chance! There aren't any Taxi's running or buses for that matter so I guess I'll walk.
Yoongi: Happy New Year! I'm gonna send you the address so you can come. Please? Just for a little. Afterwards we'll take you back to where ever it is you're staying.
I replied.
Yoongi: Stay there. I'll come get you.
Well, maybe I'll say my goodbyes and once I'm back at the hotel I'll freshen up, sleep for a little and go to the airport. I replied to Yoongi.
Yoongi: Yes! Okay I'll be there in 5.
I sighed and waited.
Yoongi and Hoseok came to pick me up.
Yoongi: Minji, You look hot.
"Shut up."
Hoseok: Hahaha. You look great Minji. I don't think I've ever seen you dressed up like this before.
"Thank you and yeah. I don't usually dress up like this."
Yoongi: Why didn't you tell him to shut up?!
Hoseok: Cuz I wasn't being a perv about it.
We arrived to his place after a few minutes and I was too afraid to ask who was already over but if Namjoon were there they would've mentioned it. Hoseok helped me out of the car.
"Thank you" I smiled.
Yoongi: Damn
I looked at him.
Yoongi: My shoe! It's untied.
Hoseok shook his head. "Come on Minji"
"Hoseok...Who's here?" I asked.
"Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, Suga, Namjoon and I"
"N-Namjoon? No. I need to go, I just remembered I need to pack my stuff." I said.
"What's wrong? Did you guys get into a fight?"
"N-No. But I can't go in there, Hoseok you don't understand..."
The door opened before I could escape.
He looked at me. "Minji?"
Jungkook: Is that Noona? Noona! Come in!
Namjoon stepped aside. Hoseok, Yoongi and I walked inside.
Jungkook hugged me. "Happy New Year"
"Happy New Year" I smiled.
Jin came to hug me after Jungkook. "It's so great to see you again. Happy New Year."
"Likewise, It's been so long. Happy New Year" I hugged him back.
"Noona. You look hot" Jimin said.
"Heh. Thanks Jimin."
He hugged me tight.
Yoongi: What?! I got 'Shut up' and Jimin calls you Hot and you let him hug you?!
Jimin: You probably said it all perverted that's why.
Jungkook: Noona aren't you cold? You want some sweats and a hoodie? Those heels look like they hurt.
"I don't want to be a bother." I said.
Jungkook: It's no bother at all. Come on.
He smiled and led me upstairs.
"What? I was looking to see if the stairs were okay"
Hoseok: SMH.
Jin: !!!
Jimin: You're gross man.
Namjoon: (Grabs Suga and pulls him away from the stair way)
Jungkook: Here you go Noona. I'll be downstairs with the others.
"Thanks Kookie. You're the best" I smiled.
Jungkook: Anything for you Noona.
He walked out of the room and closed the door. I sighed and changed quickly.
I debated on whether I should go downstairs or if I should fall asleep in Kookie's room so I don't have to deal with Namjoon looking at me or making awkward eye contact. I took a deep breath and folded my dress. I'll put the dress by my heels I guess. I put up my hair and walked downstairs.
Jimin: Noona come sit with us.
I sat next to Jimin and Jungkook. They weren't doing much, I thought they were having or had a house party...
Suga: in case you were wondering or New Years party was a bust. Last minute we decided not to have one. Too much to clean up afterwards.
Lazy. Like always.
"That's cool I guess"
Jungkook: So Noona, where'd you spend your New Year's Eve?
"I spent it with Zelo and his members. But the club scene isn't exactly for me, I've never been around that kind of scene before so it was new"
Jimin: What'd you guys do anyway?
Hoseok: Dance? Drink?
"No. We stayed in the V.I.P room while the others went to dance. I'm not much of a dancer but JunHong and I did sway to a slow song. That's about it though, we mostly talked and enjoyed each other's company." I said.
Yoongi: Sure you did.
"We did" I said.
Yoongi: Mhmm.
Jimin: did he kiss you?
Namjoon seemed alarmed by Jimin's question.
Jin: Your first kiss of the year.
As I remembered JunHong I felt sadness...
"My New Year's for the girl I love to stay here with my side."
I hugged him back. As much as this hurts, I have to say it.
"I hope that girl will find you someday and that she'll truly treasure you for who you are and can love you the way you deserve to be loved..."
He pulled away from the hug and looked at me.
"But Minji...."
My eyes began to water. "Junhong...I can't stay."
"Minji, I..."
I was a coward but more than anything, I was afraid of hurting him anymore than I already have.
"I have to go...."
"Please don't go...I love you..."
-end of flashback-
He deserves someone who'll love him unconditionally, unfortunately I'm not the right one to do such a thing.
Jungkook: Noona?
Jin: Are you alright? You zoned out for a bit.
"Oh...Sorry. I was just remembering something."
Yoongi: So what happened with JunHong?
"Well, things didn't exactly end right...He didn't do anything wrong but it's complicated really...To have someone love you so much but you're too stupid to see it. Even if you do see it, you make excuses because your heart is stubborn. Your mind says stay and your heart says go. I just couldn't cope with the idea that I'll never be able to fully return his feelings. Even if I did stay with him I'd always have this burden with me"
Namjoon: A burden?
"Yeah. It's a burden to me. Something I wish I didn't have and wouldn't make me so miserable every waking moment of my life" I said.
Hoseok: Ahem. So, what're your plans in the new year Minji?
"Well, go back to England. That's my first step, the second would be to graduate med school and the third to just enjoy my life over there" I said.
Jimin: You're gonna leave for good?
Jungkook: You won't come visit?
"No. I've decided to permanently stay in England once I'm there, I'll gain citizenship there and live my life"
Yoongi: So you're gonna basically pretend Korea no longer exists? That's pretty harsh. Plus I mean just cuz you obtain your citizenship in England doesn't mean you're not Korean.
"I never said I didn't want to be Korean, I just don't want to live here or come back here." I said.
Namjoon: why?
"Personal reasons" I said.
Namjoon: Such as?
"None of your business" I looked at him.
I thought I'd be sad being here with him but truth be told I was actually mad. I was angry that he was even speaking to me.
Namjoon: Surely it must be a good one if you feel that way.
"Good? No I assure you it's a phenomenal reason. The perfect reason actually"
Yoongi: Woah.
Jin: Maybe we should leave them alone.
"No it's okay. That's the last thing I want. Jungkook I'll be sure to return your clothes and will get you some new slippers before leaving tomorrow. In the mean time I'll be going. Thank you all for having me here but it seems I've over stayed my welcome. Happy New Year. I wish you all the best." I said and made my way to the door.
Namjoon: Minji...
I ignored him and walked out.
Why do I even bother? Why did I have to like him? Why did I ever start having feelings for him that eventually developed into this....this...ugh! Just because he's already married to Sunny doesn't mean he has to treat me like that!
Just keep walking. Don't look back. Don't stop.
"Minji!" He kept calling out.
No. Don't look.
I heard rapid foot steps. "Minji wait!"
Walk faster.
No. Keep going.
I felt a hand grasp my arm. "Minji...."
I tried pulling away.
"Will you just listen to me?!" He exclaimed.
I sighed. "Namjoon, I don't care. I don't give a damn about what you think or have to say. I don't need to hear your little pity speech!"
"You don't have to feel sorry for because I confessed okay? I get it. Sunny won. I wish you both the best. Congrats." I pulled away from him. "I honestly just don't want to talk to you or see you. Because of you I can't even return JunHong's feelings for me. You know how devastating that is? For someone to treasure you and treat you like no one else matters but yet you're trapped. No escape loving someone who's never even cared. I dare say 'never cared' because you really never did...All you did was use me to get closer to Sunny."
"Is that what you think?" He asked.
"I don't think that. I know. Namjoon this cat and mouse game is over now, you got what you wanted me now I'll go and pursue what I want in life. You don't have to give me some speech about how you're sorry and that I should've said something before...I don't wanna hear that." I took a deep breath. "Look, Sunny....Sunny can't and won't ever love you like the way I always have. I know it's stupid to say because I mean...I know you're married but it's the truth"
He looked at me and began laughing.
"I'm glad this is a joke to you" I began walking away.
"No. Minji I'm not laughing at you. It's just you're so stupid."
"Stupid?! YOURE STUPID!" I pushed him.
"Minji, Sunny and I aren't married."
"You're not?" I asked.
"You seemed relieved" he smiled.
"Why would I be relieved?" I said.
"Well you did just admit you loved me and still do" he said.
"Look it's really cold and I need to get back to the hotel room. I have to wake up early okay?"
"Minji...Do you really want to leave?"
"Give me one good reason why I should stay." I looked at him.
"I love you. I always did but I was afraid, when I told Sunny I was in love with you she said there was no way you were into me so then...I just tried to erase that illusion and my romance with her began. Minji...I'm sorry I hurt you but the reason I couldn't marry Sunny is because the love I felt for you is still here..."
"Well if what you say is true then when did you start liking me?" I asked.
He smiled at me.
That one smile that always got me weak in the knees. Those dimples...His eyes...His lips....
"Minji, I've loved you since I was a boy. When we were running around the playground and playing in the sand box. I've always had this love for you and as I grew older with every passing day that we were love for you grew stronger and stronger. But I was a coward and so scared of telling you because...I know I'm not the best looking guy and I'm not some Prince Charming that'll sweep you off your feet...I can't give you jewels, riches or anything fancy but...I can give you heart and only hope that you'll accept it" He said as he looked at me.
"Namjoon, you're not some prince charming but you're MY Prince Charming. You're not the best looking guy? Well to me you're the ONLY guy. Are you sure you want to entrust me with your heart?"
"I've never been more sure about anything in my life then right now. Minji, I love you and I'm not afraid to say it. You're the one for me and I'm really happy you told me, you saved me from committing the biggest mistake of my life. Loving the wrong person for so long when all I wanted was to love you and only you"
"Oh Namjoon" I hugged him.
He hugged me back. "Will you accept my heart?" He whispered.
I nodded. "I will"
He kissed my head and smiled. "I love you"
"I love you too." I said.
He pulled away from the hug and cupped my face with his hand. He smiled at me then leaned in, his lips gently pressing against mine.
"Can you please stay with me?" He asked me in a soft voice.
I looked into his eyes and smiled. "Only if you come stay with me first."
He smiled back. "Guess I have some packing to do, don't I?"
He leaned in close again. Our noses touching, I couldn't help but smile as his lips pressed against mine once more.
Those 3 words had so much meaning behind them now. I'm not only his best friend now, I'm his girlfriend. So many turn of events and so many obstacles in our way but in the end, I got my happily ever after. Namjoon is mine and I'm his....Forever.
I hope you liked this as much a i did when i first read it. if you guys would want to read more stories please go check Koneko_Senpaixx she has more amazing stories that i really like but if you can't i'll try to post more of her amazing work here, thank you for liking this story and all the support
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