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(Why anime?) One...THOUSAND FOLLOWERS?!



Seriously...why?! XD
Last time I did something like this, Thanking You guys for following my collection and making it into what it is now and today, that was for 200 Followers and not 5 times that amount! XD
I have a theory in mind that whenever a new user signs up onto Vingle.net and joins the Japanese Anime Community, some collections are automatically added as I can recall my memory that I too had some starting collections like @hikaymm's "hikaymm's Anime Previews!" or @InVinsybll's "ANIME & MANGA" and that somehow...my own treasured "Why anime?" has joined that pre-selected collections...
...if that's true, I'm beyond honoured for showing newcomers to Vingle and fellow lovers and nakamas of anime high-quality produced info-articles that I actually just do for fun :)
But I'm no factory. I don't want to massproduce info-articles just because I can, but because I myself am held back by different beliefs such as that Quality of Quantity always holds true and that I owe you guys nothing less than the best I can do.
Every Why anime? goes through vigourous tests of quality and standards that I myself have set as bars and I continously need to check and re-check if it's good enough for me. You can see more on just how here

As I mentioned before, the "Why anime?" collection is still on hold, due to various reasons such as my medical health, overall happiness in life and getting stuff done, important to my work outside the Internet.

But, I'll make an announcement-Card when "Season 2" starts, as I've planned much more diverse and interesting topics I'd like to write about and discuss with you guys!

And it's still far away...

...but it's closer than ever!

You can read more on why here

Thank You all once again for following the collection I started in around November last year!

Its journey has been... interesting and explosive

And I am proud to be a part of the content-creators of Vingle.net and I hope I never stop writing about stuff I value most dearly (apart from my wife).
And I'll be back!
Very soon!
@VoidX yooo awesome!!! Congrats!! You have an magnificent collection and definitely deserves all the followers! X)
@tbell2 couldn't have been done without the support from you guys! :D Thanks again! :*
Congrats bro! You deserve this for all the awesome things you post! Keep doing what you're doing and we'll continue to enjoy!
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