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Noona...Do you need help? Geez! You scared me I muttered as I turn around to find Wang right behind me. Hmmm...Not really but if you want, you can help peeling the Garlic Oh sure I can do that...Wang replied and grabbed couple of Garlic So, Noona...what have you guys been up to? Nothing much, let's see...I took him to couple of places but that's about it actually. Now that I think about it, we pretty much chill over here which now seems lame, I laughed. Interesting...Wang muttered nodding his head. Why, something wrong? Nah...Was just curious since Mark postponed his trip which is a first btw, he never does that. Our comeback is pretty near so manager had asked him to get back but he said he will take couple of more days. So here I am on dragged-his-arse-back duty, Wang said laughing. Oh OK. So when are you guys heading back? Well...maybe in a day or two.
What are you two gossiping there? Pretty boy asked as he strolled into the kitchen Huh!? I turn around to find pretty boy few steps away from us. Oh I was just telling Noona, how pretty she is, Wang replied wrapping his arms around my shoulder and pulling me beside him. I hold back my giggle and played along... Aren't you a sweetheart, I elbowed Wang winking. Then with a straight face I turn to pretty boy and asked if he needed something. When's the dinner the getting done, I'm starving!! Pretty Boy replied looking irritated In another 20 minutes or so... Scowling Pretty boy motioned Wang to next room and asked if he can have a word with him Sure bro...Wang said releasing me and walked towards Pretty boy. Noona, I will be back in a bit K Wang yelled as they moved out from the room. K...I laughed and got back to my cooking. Few minutes and Wang came back or so I thought until that deep voice asked 'What can I help you with?' right into my ear Startled, I turned...Oh it's you! I thought it was Wang Why, you want Jackson? Pretty boy asked still scowling Huh! No...I meant, well he was helping me earlier and said he'll be back so I thought it was him. Anyways, since you're here, you might as well help me out with what's left I said pointing at the Garlic lying on the table. Pretty boy went over and sat on the stool and started peeling... Can I ask something? Hmmn...yeah sure, what is it? Will you come and visit me in Seoul after I go back? Well, I don't know.... Maybe I'll drop by if I come there but then again you guys will be very busy with all the comeback and tours so no, I don't think so. But hey, you can always visit me here whenever you can or feel like. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon anyways, I laughed Yeah!? Yep! Ok but promise me you'll visit me if you ever come to Seoul?? Hahaha...ok ok but I'm pretty sure you won't have time for Noonas, I tease No... I like Noonas and I like you... Oh yeah! I laughed...I like you too Kid! OK...will you stop calling me a kid!! Pretty boy replied looking not too happy're a kid tho' least to me, I laugh again. Turns out it wasn't so funny to pretty boy because the next thing I know, Pretty boy was towering down on me with a smirk...I CAN PROOF TO YOU I'M NOT A KID, NOT BY FAR! *coughs* I turned to see Wang standing by the door, hands folded with a goofy smile while I stood there blushing to my roots with Pretty boy's face just an inch away As if that wasn't enough, pretty boy pulled me for a back-hug as he turn towards Wang with that godamn-freaking-smirk.... Yeah Wang, you need something??
Author note: How was it? Too lame...? Hahaha sorry if it did. I will try definitely try to make it more interesting in my next update which hopefully will be soon kekeke Share your thoughts... Oh and yeah... Mark POV.. Yay or Nay?
awe she has warmed up to the kid hahahaha And he wanna prove hes not a kid? be my guest boy. be my guest
@Caky thanks love...working on Mark POV @CamrynCherry weeee...will do. Thanks for checking out my story πŸ’š
@MaritessSison Noona club...hello but I'm pretty sure I'm ur unnie 😁😁😁@LemonLassie hahaha yes...I just want to fast forward them to marriage πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Awww "pretty boy" is jealous hehe! So cute!! Come on, he likes YOU!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ He likes Noonas!! ahem...noona here! *points at self* 😊
I would die multiple times if Mark got jealous for me. @PeachyLife
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