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Saint Seiya I recently found this series and have enjoyed it . Based loosely on Greek mythology, it follows Sagittarius Saint Seiya and the Gold Saints of the Zodiac as they defend Goddess Athena and Earth from evil & the Gods responsible. The original series was 114 episodes long and released in Japan from 1986-1989. The second part is Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold which is 13 episodes and follows the Gold Saints revival in Asgard. The final arc of the originale series is Saint Seiya:The Lost Canvas which is 26 episodes and is the story of thr battle with Hades. There is also a spin off titled Saint Seiya: Omega, which is 97 episodes long that follows the bronze saints as they take over the story and protection of Athena From the Legendary Saints.
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i love that anine
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Just a note... Sorry, I got the order wrong Lost Canvas is before Soul of Gold.
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