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Hola lovely Carats!!! Welcome to the first Sing It Sundays with me!! ㅠ_ㅠ I worked hard.... Please excuse the nervousness since it's my first time on stage vocalizing such a card. jeje (Doesn't he look like that cat? And isn't it weird how the little pic has a short guy...could it be Woozi) Shall we start?

WOOZI (우지)

Have you seen & heard this adorable being named Woozi singing "I'm Yours"? His voice appeals to me, vibrates my ears with sweet melody, sings to my bloodstream and settles with great admiration for this young man. -Did you know? ●Woozi has composed, produced and written the lyrics for Seventeen. Such a talented lad. Do you like anything of Woozi besides his amazing talents? Could he be your favorite vocalist in SVT?

Jeonghan (정한)

Have you heard the "1004"? This beautiful Angel's name is Jeonghan. Truly everything is angelic about this young man: his voice, smile, face, hair, everything. What sings to you about our Jeonghan? Like he states: Don't worry, take your time. -Did you know? ●His nickname is Angel because his birthday is October 4th, [1004 in Korean is "Cheonsa" which means 'Angel'.] Creative people no.. Do you like anything from Jeonghan besides his voice? Could he be your favorite vocalist in SVT?

Dokyeom (도켬)

Have you heard of DK? He gives such an amazing energy to the group that his style off stage is singing songs know to keep the members alert lol. However you cannot deny that his vocals are amazing (last one on set). And his handsome-ness ♡♡♡♡ -Did you know? ●He's a true sweetie and humble being but often forgotten because he's always acting like a pabo & losing his stuff. *_* Do you like anything else from Dokyeom besides his amazing sound alike to Ryeowook's "Little Prince"? Could he be your favorite vocalist in SVT?

Seungkwan (승관)

Have you heard of MC Boo? This lovely individual writes lyrics just like Woozi, has DJ-ing skills & is the mood setter. He's amazing, the song he chooses to listen for when he's down is just so pure, I love. Did you enjoy it? It's truly harmonizing to the mind. (Did that even make sense?) -Did you know? ●This Jeju-do stud muffin's greatest fear is getting no attention at all. So please make sure to acknowledge him for him and his fascinating vocals. Do you like anything else from Seungkwan besides his silliness? Could he be your favorite vocalist in SVT? *Check him out being silly, such a muffin.

Joshua (조슈아)

Have you heard about the Gentleman in SVT? This gentle man is outstanding, everything you can ask for in a mature man and to have such talent at his age is superb. I'm truly impressed with this individual. Shall I dare and mention those doe me out of my chair at work smh. -Did you know? ●He's called Gentleman because he doesn't get angry easily & talks softly. Could be why this lovely bundle is part of the vocal unit, his voice is soothing. Caution: You may fall for his dance moves too.
Alrighty my lovely Carats. A few solo songs from your vocal unit. Please let me know what would you like to see/read: ○more gifs individual/group ○a quick story ○silliness of each member ○aegyo ○them in general ○singing challenges.. Also what did you think of the card: so-so, more information, less would be great from you. Tagging my lovely small Vingle familia of Carats: @MorganElisabeth @ChelseaJay @MrsJungHoseok Let me know if you will like to be tagged. *_< Diamond Besos!!
i love the Vocal Unit uugh whys it so hard to have a favorite?!?! Dx
same id like to be tagged in anything seventeen please :3
@minimanim3 Right, my little heart has enough space for all of them.
Can i please be tagged ..??^-^Pretty please chan??^-^