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I did a preview card for this show last week (which you should check out instead of this card if you haven't watched it!!), and have decided to continue it for a while!!!

I just watched episode 2, and I'm still really digging this show!

It's OP/ED (musically, not as much visually, though I have a hope they'll change up the intro visuals as time goes on) are really great in my opinion, too!
The show does have some really cringe-worthy moments, but it makes up for it in interesting ones so I'm going to keep loving it for a while.

I'm totally intrigued about quittteee a few things....

- who was knocking on the window for the bus driver? is that really the bus driver?
- why Speedstar protects Mitsumune so much (more than just that flashback)
- what the hell is watching from the bushes / made those foot prints???
- are all these gory theories really foreshadowing actual gore?
- how long will it take for dissent to really happen?
- how long will it take for the first death?

So far my fave characters are Lion & Speedstar & Lovepon

I think I'm more than a little bit in love with Speedstar. But I have a secret theory (that I will now share) that maybe he doesn't actually exist?? But he probably does lol. I don't know why, I just can't imagine him making it onto the tour being so doubtful....and he only really talks to Mitsumune....
Anyways, Piita & Manbe drive me crazy. Lion is just great - really intelligent and interesting. Lovepon just cracks me up & I want to know more about A) why she's there and B) why she's obsessed with execution.

Mitsumune reallllyyyy.....

...really freaks me out....I don't know what it is about him but he freaks me out. I still like him....but yeah. Freaks me out. He was so rude on accident to Maimai, but something about him like...he seems totally fine and I start to like him and then he does something that just makes me go "what" and start to wonder if I should trust him at all. Idk. Something's odd there!

So....who else is watching this?

I wanna put together a tag list to discuss the show as it goes so if you are watching it & want to be tagged please let me know!!! :D
@hikaymm @assasingod after episode 2 I have a bad feeling for what's happening and think it's gonna be something that's gonna make me mad with one of the people involved!!
2nd episode has me fearing that someone is gonna get raped
@LuffyNewman @JosephCannon yeah.....well....I really just hope the people I like make it XD
So I watched the first 2 epi's and I'm already weirded out haha
Add plz and so far I'm loving it
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