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BoA is looking to make her big-screen debut in the new movie Make Your Move! The Korean dancing queen will be working alongside Derek Hough, who attained fame from the popular show Dancing With the Stars, to show off both of their unique dance styles. Although this is not BoA’s first time acting — she had a brief cameo in the hit drama Athena: Goddess of War – it will be her first time playing a lead role, in an English movie. If BoA isn’t quite enough for you, it seems that a few other stars from K-pop fame will have a part in the creation of the movie. According to sources, both TVXQ and Girls’ Generation have prepared songs for the movie’s soundtrack. TVXQ’s Yunho is expected to make a cameo appearance in the movie. It seems as though the film looks to continue the K-pop global expansion theme that has recently taken off. Do you think BoA’s acting (and English) skills are movie worthy? Regardless, we can rest easy knowing that at least the dancing will be amazing. Take a look at the trailer! http://blog.dramafever.com/2013/06/video-boa-to-star-in-new-hollywood-dance-movie-make-your-move/
YES! Please bring kpop to the States and show everyone how awesome it is. Wish BoA all the best
This so awesome!! Love Derek from DwtS!! What a great pair - BoA fighting!!