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Hope you enjoy it's my first Fanfiction... Main character = you
It had always been your dream to become a Korean pop star and finally it came true. You were going to be part of a new girl group called 4Motion. The other members were Zara, Luna and Tammy. Zara (21) was named as the leader as a result of her being the oldest. Luna (20) was the main rapper and also one of the choreographers. Tammy (20) was the visual of the group as she was undoubtedly the prettiest out of all of you. Finally, there was you (18). You were the other choreographer and also the youngest but main singer. You four had all been lucky enough to be signed by BigHit, the same company as BTS.
As part of the debut process, your manager decided that your group should be trained by BTS themselves as they have been through everything you were about to go through. It was easier then spending a huge amount of time being trained by the manager. This meant that each of you would be individually trained by the people you were most like. Zara got paired up with Jin and RapMon. Luna was paired up with Suga and JHope. Tammy was put with Jimin, meaning you were left with V and Jungkook. There was only a month before your first single was aired to the public and so the training had to be successful. Luckily, each member got on well with their male counterpart.
One late evening, you, V and Jungkook were in the dance studio as they were trying to teach you the routine that JHope had kindly made for your group's first live performance. "So, then the arm comes across the body then snaps back for 8" V instructed. He wasn't the best dancer but compared to you at the moment, he could have been seen as a professional. "How far are we through it?" You asked, already exhausted from 3 hours of extra rehearsal. "2 and a half minutes!" V replied, Jungkook remained quiet. You sighed as you pretty much collapsed to the floor. "Can't we just stop there?" You moaned. "Fine!" V said before leaving the room to get some water. It was just you and Jungkook.
"How can you still be fine?" You asked him finally breaking the silence. He shrugged and replied, "Been doing it a while I suppose!" You took this moment while V was out of the room to complain childishly. V was likely to argue back if you complained but with Jungkook, he just accepted it. "I can always tell Tae that we're done for today" he eventually suggested. You nodded, that was probably the best thing for you at the moment. Jungkook kindly helped you to your feet and you waited for V to return. He seemed to be taking his time... You could see that Jungkook got nervous around you but you were never sure why. It's not as if you two were strangers, he watched you audition for the group in the first place.
JUNGKOOK's POV: 'Taetae why are you doing this to me?' He thought. He repeatedly itched his palms waiting for his close friend to end this awkward encounter between him and Y/N. Tae was fully aware that he thought Y/N was attractive, you seemed to catch his eye the first time he saw you in that audition. It was hard for him, hard to confess anything when he got so nervous around girls. "He did just go to get water didn't he?" She said. He was completely fazed out and so just nodded. She was completely unaware that he was watching her every move in some kind of trance.
YOUR POV: Eventually, V returned with a bottle in his hand and an ominous smile across his face. "And what have you two been doing since I left... I thought you'd be rehearsing" His words seemed to be suggesting something that obviously didn't happen. For the past few weeks now, the media has assumed that there might be some kind of romance going on between your group and BTS. However, there was no evidence and so that's what they had been looking for recently. "Y/N's really tired, so am I and so we thought that we could leave it there for today" Jungkook spoke out to V more confidently then he ever did with you. Yet, when he mentioned your name, he seemed to linger on the sound of it. V agreed and so you were FINALLY able to go home to rest. "See you tomorrow Squish" V called out. V decided from the first rehearsal that your nickname was going to be squish. Jungkook was going to follow him but instead he asked if he could walk you back to your dorm. You accepted the offer but you seemed a bit confused as to why he did this all of a sudden. He never normally offered to take you home.
That's it for now... Please look forward to part 2 @HopeAndSunshine @plaigurl2846 @SindyHernandez @Gaehwa
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