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Thank you oh precious @AimeeH for this, I had the time of my life! Let's begin!
I see this happening! The bias wrecker as my classmate! Sounds like a Kdrama
Of courrrse! Hyukie can copy me anytime!
He's smart! And can do all these worderful things! He better let me do it though
Aww! Hyukie is such an adorable thing!
My bias is my crush? I wonder when this happened? *sarcasm* It'll be harder to copy off of him then. *cries in Korean*
There is no going around this one. He totally fits that role
Aww my Binee! Second bias of the group!
But-but... You confessed your love to me godddamit! This isn't how it's supposed to go!
He's a teacher pet, what can I say? We can cheat!
No words for this one. But it explains his crush on me though. And it makes it 10 times easier for him to cheat off of me.
And that's it. (I know the gif has nothing to do with VIXX but that's how I felt finishing the game ) What do you think of it? Link to the original card
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I love it!! XD Your bully is your boyfriend. No worries, it just mean he casually teases you! Thank you for participating!