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So I was tagged by @SarangRavi to play this game XD. Let's see how this turns out .
1. When your dog dies - well this worked out well enough XD. thank you Salem .
2.When you see something you don't want to see - legitimately me though . except I could never throw my precious. how could he toss it like that ! agghh the horror .
3. When you see someone you hate fall- judging you levels ... hardcore
4. When your favorite group is in your area - I'm okay ! I'm totally fine ! not melting at all haha ... ha...ha .
5. When you can't go - I guess I'm planning on sneaking out ninja style in the middle of the night.... sounds like my type of thing ( just kidding no . I'm a good two shoes . would never sneak out XD. but ninja styling into the kitchen for food is my thing tho )
6. When you meet your bias - I'd never blink again after seeing him with my own eyes in person XD. Never the same I guess
7. When you have a birthday party - who to invite? ! hi stranger will you come ?
8. When no one shows - I'm hunting all of you down. Vengeance!!! Baozi style
9. when you have a date - get ready for crazy ( fun fact -I made this meme/gif a long time ago )
10. When your Date get's cancelled - Fine with me !I'm still fabulous ✌
Now that I completed the challenge let's all enjoy this dancing blob ! tagging - @KhrystinaLee , @SerenityPierce , @Tania538, and @shannonl5 have fun !
lol I love it XD
@SarangRavi I'd be delighted to! 🤓
@Tania538 would you tag me please? I would love to see.
Yours was FABULOUSSSS!!! I'll do my best with my tag so wish me luck! 😂😉
@JohnEvans thanks 😉💗
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