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I'm in love with song
So it starts off with Zico in front of garbage can and moves along with the other members in their own room. And Kyung singing voice
Here they are all sitting like they are toys.
Zico being taken by the girl.
P.O what are you doing inside the garbage can?
I'm guessing B-Bomb is telling not to go.
THAT SMIRK GUYS!!!! I'm Ukwon bias and always will be.
Lol derp but them dance moves tho.
And the Explosions.
P.O what up with those glasses? Haha
@JarviaKlipka leave my P.O and his glasses alone. 😂😂 He looks adorable! And you didn't even mention Taeil's scene! I'm just saying.
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@CLAKPOP lol I know he does ^_^
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