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I have a huge makeup collection and no wear to wear it besides home and work. No I didn't buy all this in fact most of this was given to me as a gift from a friend a very good friend.
I do a deep cleaning of all my makeup brushes every 3 months. They get cleaned each time after use. But I do a through every 3 months. I use the elf daily brush cleaner each time I use my brushes and the Sonia one for that deep cleaning. I figured today was a good day as any to organize all my makeup once more
my brushes all cleaned and now stored once again face brushes vs my eyeshadow and lip brushes.
eyelines, eyeshadows, face( liquid foundation, cc cream), concealers, mascaras (still on the search for the perfect one), my main black eyeliners(again on a search for that perfect one). I realized all those color eyeliners I really haven't used them yet. my mission is over the next 3 months to use every single one. Hey I need suggestion for gel eyeliner...that would be great. I like thise a lot more than pencil...
my lip liners, lipgloss, and lipstick. I don't have many but I am growing that collection. Mainly because I like to leave my lip natural with chapstick. lol But I do once in a while enjoy a pop of color.
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I thought I was bad! haha I have so much but I tend to go through phases where I'll wear it the same way for a while until I get bored or come across something new to add to the collection haha
lol, the worst I have is like 5 different mascaras. Wow! How does it reflect on me that I'm envious of you? 😄 How do you organize your nail polish? lol, I have all of mine just in a shoe box 😃
When it comes to makeup I usually just have one of everything except for when it comes to lip products (I have like five of everything). I'm also curious to see your nail polish collection looks like. Two of my aunts both own nail salons so I get a ton of nail polish for free, so I keep them in this massive box that I've organized by color.
glad to know I'm not the only one!!!
That's amazing!! I'm jealous. All mine fits into one smallish bag