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What's up guys? I thought this Wednesday we could focus on the two sides of Jooheon: cute and sexy! Now it's no secret that he is the king of aegyo, but what about his sexy side?
Shall we begin? Let's start with cute!
Look at this cutie! How can someone not touch his dimples?
He really kills those photo shoots! (I snuck pre-debut Jooheon in there, and he really can pull of glasses well!)
What did you guys think? Cute, sexy, or both? Let me know which one was your favorite below, and don't forget to make your own card!
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Cute all the way.....his dimples....ohhhh
2 years ago·Reply
obviously both >.< he just kills my feels and soul ( ̄ω ̄;)
2 years ago·Reply
BOTH!! Obviously. ^u^
2 years ago·Reply
I say both
2 years ago·Reply
No matter how I look at him, I always find him cute XD But it's no lie that he can be really attractive too!
2 years ago·Reply