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Here's a photo of my sister and I, to celebrate National Sibling Day.

Let me tell you about my sister...

She is seriously everything to me. Her and I have been through a very rough childhood, and we were able to get through a lot of things together. Not only are we sisters, we are soulmates. We have fought, we have cried, but we have always honored loyalty to each other.
Cool Facts:
-I've held on to more of the Latino culture than she.
-She opened a new chapter for a Latina sorority during college.
-We both think that Puerto Rican food is the greatest thing ever ;)

If you have a sibling, join in and tell us about them!

wow, both of you are so sweet. you two like a twin sister! I have sister. she's a school teacher. she's 5 hours far away from me.. but we always texts almost every day.
@BrunoDutch thank you :) :)
omgosh beautiful!!!
@atmi thank you! We are actually (fraternal) twins. My sister lives on the opposite side of the country but we talk everyday. The bond in siblings is strong!
Happy sibling day to my sister from another mister :) I'm really happy I get to spend it with my little brother at home :)
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