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Here's a photo of my sister and I, to celebrate National Sibling Day.

Let me tell you about my sister...

She is seriously everything to me. Her and I have been through a very rough childhood, and we were able to get through a lot of things together. Not only are we sisters, we are soulmates. We have fought, we have cried, but we have always honored loyalty to each other.
Cool Facts:
-I've held on to more of the Latino culture than she.
-She opened a new chapter for a Latina sorority during college.
-We both think that Puerto Rican food is the greatest thing ever ;)

If you have a sibling, join in and tell us about them!

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@atmi thank you! We are actually (fraternal) twins. My sister lives on the opposite side of the country but we talk everyday. The bond in siblings is strong!
omgosh beautiful!!!
@jazziejazz thank youuu
@alywoah Beautiful ladies happy siblings day
@BrunoDutch thank you :) :)