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Thanks to our pretty @AmeeH for doing this VIXX challenge event for Every Saturday!!! Below are the link to her original card↧↧↧↧ All Starlightssss please join us and tag ★VIXXENS Team★ on your results!!
Leo why!!!!! Why!!! you have to be a bully!!!!
Now you are a ↝bully and a cheater↜.... you sure you want to follow my answers... I don't even know the questions!!!! Okok... you the bully, I won't say anything!!!
I guess if I cheat from you.... my answers should be correct right???
Are you trying to show me "real love is pain"!!!!!
Ken is my crush....nice "Booty call"
He is my classmate I guess I can see his... I mean him everyday!!
Ravi Ravi in this case, please take sexy group pictures to share with your best friend ↝ME↜
Oh my Binnie is smart!!!!
Hahaha is pain hahahahahaha so geeat. I love this. @VeronicaArtino that's because N Stalked me in my results lol.
Ravi is my hest friend too does he do sexy group photos with @lovetop
and no where on your results is I love this
XD Leo is a cheating Bully! XD Haha I love your results! ♡♡
@VeronicaArtino N is in the next classroom with Mandy...!!!...and since we are Ravi's BFF.... he should take some sexy photos for us... 😈😈😈😈
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