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I was tagged by @MadAndrea who is doing great at keeping this community alive and the one who posted this game. Original card is here.
I'm still not sure who my bias is at this moment and am trying to decide so I'm pretty cool with my results. You guys should play too! x3
@MistressSiren I will always love firm pecs and toned arms more than abs. and he's so modest that when you see him shirtless you just die a little lol. His abs are beautiful, they're not super sculpted so he looks more like a real man. I don't know why but that's how I always liked my abs. Not overly defined
omw yeesssss! 😍. . . . I feel like I fangirl too much at times xD @MadAndrea
@MistressSiren though maybe arm muscles. he shows those off 😍😍
@MadAndrea true xD
Seungyoun's really seem like things he'd do. Not Yixuan at the beach though lol he's too modest XD but the arm around you at night, that I can see