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Spoilers❗️❗️❗️❌❌❗️❌❗️ Looking back at his whole life ACE never had any regrets. He did hate the "demon" blood running through his veins but decided to find a new family and support them!! Though during a super sad incident, I won't spoil for some who haven't seen, ACE admits he regrets one thing to Luffy, that he won't get to see Luffy fulfill his dream!! Remember though ACE is always with Luffy and now Sabo, with his warmth from his flames and his caringness and anger towards enemy's as a brother. He was able to leave them in the hands of the right people knowing they will be ok. No matter what, he is part of the warmth that even brightens and warms up Luffy's sadness!! ACE is happiness and warmth!! Ace lives forever to see Luffy always smile!! Sunday Smiles!! Anime is life!! One Piece is Love!!