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Today is Sunday and you know what that means.

The day to celebrate Leader Cha Hakyeon!

My fellow VIXXENS have been posting about each member this past week and we saved the best for last!
So I thought I'd have a little more fun with this today and came decided to do a few pro's and con's of N being your boyfriend.

Don't worry though because they are ALL adorable.


- Would always send you selfies and outfits asking if he looked good
- Probably leaves little notes of encouragement or how much he loves you
- Chabooty
- Super supportive has your back approx. 400% of the time
- Reassuring him that his skin color is absolutely gorgeous and him believing it
- Lots of pats on the head and pinching of cheeks
- “But i’m sick” “so?” *kiss*
- Probably coupons or collects stamp cards, so always is up for getting you cute little snacks and coffee
- Would probably wake you up by kissing your forehead
- Will definitely suggest moving in together first
- Super chivalrous, he’ll always open doors and carry things for you


- The type to take all the covers when it’s freezing leaving you no choice but to cuddle up with him (could be a pro)
- Tbh would always get his way
- The type to scream and have you run into his room only to have him ask you to get him a glass of water
- Every time you tried to get up he would hug you so that you couldn’t move or leave
So there weren't a lot of con's but sorry not sorry!
That just means he's too much of a wonderful person plus the con's are still pro's anyways haha

Happy N Sunday!

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i love this man
2 years ago·Reply
No, all of those con's are pro's XD
2 years ago·Reply
@EmilyPeacock The con's are annoying pro's haha
2 years ago·Reply
loved this! hahaha and the cons are actually just annoying pros... I am going to use that lol
2 years ago·Reply
So cute. Great idea Kelsey.
2 years ago·Reply