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@Badtz thank you for sharing this game. here is the link for the game-----> Here are my results.
awe Taehyung and I best friends for life. we can speak alien language all the time. lol
Taehyung and I friends for life Namjoon what book is coming out? Namjoon and I book nerds oh yeah lol won my heart but then you broke it. I don't understand
I don't know what it is but I just cant stay way from you.
we have a boy and a girl.
why is it we fight all the time and why is it that I regret falling I love with you and marry you?
Some how even though we struggle we work things out. along the way I fall more in love with you.
somehow even though Jimin is my bias wrecker that smile makes my day.
Aweee~ I like your results! thx for playing ^^
@Badtz whats the original card