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One of my favorite anime franchises is Pretty Rhythm/Pripara. I combined the two because they're from the same company and Pripara is the spinoff and it takes a lot from the original.
Pretty Rhythm had three seasons: Aurora dream, Dear my future, and Rainbow Live! This is an idol anime that combines singing and figure skating so not only do they sing and dance, they perform magical jumps. This is just what it's generally about, each season has a specific plot tied into it as well.
Pripara continues also as an idol anime but doesn't have the figure skating aspect. In this series people receive "pritickets" which allows you to travel into the world of Pripara, and you create a popstar alter ego to form groups and perform as an idol. This anime is currently running and just started it's 3rd season. There are kinda some easter eggs that if you watch Pretty Rhythm you can spot in Pripara :) @InVinsybll
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AHHHH I've been dying to watch this @.@