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Hello everyone. Everyday i come on here i see a lot of people talking about all different types of anime, and some of them stand out more than others, and there are some anime shows i known/heard of but never watched them. Not that its a bad thing that i see them all the time, but they're shows out there that are haunting me to watch them. So here I will present the anime shows that I see everywhere I go and that are haunting me to watch them . (but only one of them haunted me to read the manga) you can comment below telling me if I should or shouldn't watch them, without further adue lets get started.

5. One Piece

I ranked this last because I don't normally see a lot of One Piece here on vingle (there probably is, and I just don't see them) but when ever I do it does make me question if i should watch the show. The only reason why I haven't watched it is becase of How many episodes there is. 736 I believe

4. Pokemon

now i've only seen up to the first season of Pokemon (still watching) but everywhere I go everyone talks about it. I've watched a few episodes when I was a kid but i wasn't that into like most people were. But now I want to go and collect 721 pokemon, while singing the opening song Pokemon :) Also i started a game on here 2 months ago called Who's That Pokemon (same thing like they do on the show i'm just replaying the memories Click here to check out my Pokemon Collection and you guys can join in on the fun

3. Fairy Tail

now I am a HUGE fan of Fairy Tail, and i can't get enough of it, now I just started to read the mange (where it left off in the anime) and I can't get enough of Fairy Tail, and i'm addicted to Fairy Tail If you are a fan of Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen then I suggest you should watch fairy tail but keep in mind, they're a lot of episodes so it may take a while but in the end its worth it

Now these next two i'm about to show are the shows i've seen the most on here. No i'm not putting hate out there for them, but these two shows are the main shows i see everywhere and are haunting me to watch them.

2. Dragon Ball Z

now I've seen this show everywhere ever since I was a kid to now. One of these days its going to get to me and I will end up watching it. But the reason why I haven't watched it is because when I was a kid I didn't think it would be a show i would like and probably end up not liking it. Plus I let one of my friend/classmate talk about the show to me so i know a few names but not a lot

1. Naruto

everytime I open up Vingle either Naruto is the first card I see or when i scroll down i see it right there. Now I tried to watch Naruto and the first few episodes i couldn't do it. I predicted what was going to happen in each episode and i was right, and most of the time I dont' like predicting what woud happen, plus Naruto's catch phrase was irritating me "You Better Believe it" don't get me wrong it s good catch phrase but it bother the hell out of me. But I just started to watch it again and see if I can get into Naruto. Plus it does seem like the anime I could get into.
Thank you so much for reading my card, comment below what anime shows you see all the time here on the anime vingle community
@EmmaBone its like you can't beat the original season lol. and for BDZ my friend said to stay away from GT I never questioned why I just agreed (bc if I did they would have to give a big explanation, plus it was about the art style they tried to go with I believe)
Thanks for loving Fairy Tail Daissuki (I love you)
@OtakuDemon10 same long anime shows are to much sometimes and you need to take a break from them
@AnimeNerdie sounds good. I need to watch that one too... I mostly alternate between Naruto and Bleach. I might replace Durarara with that, cuz I Luke to have a shorter series in the mix
and so are Fairy Tail and Blue Exorcist. i dont think ive seen the others
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