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Who's your favorite Hokage?

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all except 2nd and 3rd I'd probably like the 2nd hokage if I knew more of what he did as hokage but 3rd just no
The First, Hashirama, is my favorite. He was really funny, so that's y. xP But I also love the Fourth, Minato.
@AtisutoMeru OMG At first, I thought he'd be like the "cool" type of Hokage since he was the first. But when I saw that he was an idiot Hokage (it was hilarious), I as like, "WTF THIS GUY'S AN IDIOT!!" XD And then boom; he's still my the favorite Hokage! XD
@koifries Ikr! I thought he'd be like... well kinda like how the Second is, but then I see all that & I was like, "Oh dear... THIS is the man who made Konoha..?" But I found myself loving that idiotic hokage.