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Here are some memes I have recently made. Hope you guys enjoy!
1: can't we just get JungKook?!? 2: Literally me, but when they do reply it's to very few fans and I'm never one of them ╥﹏╥ 3: Omg kills me every time... they take forever!
BABY EDITION! haha thanks to the pictures I took of my baby nephew I could do this. His expressions are exactly how I felt when becoming a kpop addict.

Can anyone else relate to this?!?

well that's all hopefully you enjoyed them. Also for those who have been following my fanfic, I will be posting chapter 3 in a bit, so please look forward to it!
The baby one is sooo relatable!
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@CristalTrujillo haha ikr! glad I'm not the only one
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Then you should watch oh my Venus cause they kiss on the 6th episode
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@Destiny98 oh woah fr! ahhhhh 😲😂
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