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Hey HEY hey, Here is Chapter 22 Y'all! Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi *NOTE* This story is not mine! Simply sharing. I did get permission from the Author Character Profiles: Link➡


Link----› ♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: Reader x Jungkook Others Characters in Chapter: Jimin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jungkook Length: 2425 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 22/? “W-what? No…no!” I started shouting. “Let me go! Please!” I didn’t want to go through this again. Yoongi ignored my pleas. “Get rid of his body later. Jimin’s a bit…preoccupied.” I stopped shouting for a minute. “Y-you said he was in hospital…”, I panted from all the exertion. Yoongi caressed my cheek and I pulled away in disgust. “Guess I lied.” As Hoseok dragged me away and Yoongi followed suit, all I could think about was a now-dead Taehyung lying in my apartment. This is just getting worse and worse.
Y/n’s POV Hoseok dragged me to the lift, knowing full well I wouldn’t take the stairs unless he down right carried me. Once we entered, Hoseok asked “Where is everyone?”  I was taken aback. “What?” He tried again. “Why is the building empty?” I looked away from him, focusing on the back of Yoongi’s mint head. “Holidays. Majority of people have gone.” “Except you.” I looked back coldly. “Except me.” The elevator doors opened and the first thing I saw through the glass doors was Jungkook’s slumped figure on the steps outside. I started running but Hoseok grabbed me again. “H-he’s hurt! What the hell did you do?!” Hoseok struggled with my flailing arms. “I told you, he’s just out cold. Calm the fuck down!” Yoongi had been strangely quiet since leaving my room. He walked over, hauling Jungkook up. I saw his phone on the floor. They can’t leave that there! Jungkook had Jin’s number. And Jin was currently my only chance of getting out of this mess. To my dismay, Yoongi stamped on the device repeatedly, before kicking the remnants of the black plastic to the side. “They have trackers in them”, he muttered. He dragged Jungkook to the van Hoseok must have come in. Hoseok put his arm around me, making sure I couldn’t move my arms, as he looked for the key in his pocket. He handed it to Yoongi, who unlocked the door, throwing Jungkook in. I thought I heard him moan in pain, but I was unsure. Then Yoongi grabbed Hoseok off me and pushed me in. This van didn’t seem to have any lights at the back of it, and as pretty much the whole world knew by now, I was scared of the dark. “Ww-wait!” I stammered. “There’s no lights!” Yoongi smirked while Hoseok laughed. “Good. Harder for your troublesome ass to escape.” With that, he shut the doors on me, concealing me in darkness with an unconscious Jungkook. As soon as the doors shut, I took my phone out of my pockets, and checked Jungkook’s pupils to with the torch, to try and wake him up. The van started moving, and once the engine was loud enough, only then did I speak. I didn’t want Yoongi to hear the desperation in my voice. “Jungkook?” I shook him slightly. I couldn’t see him, but I had put my ear right next to his mouth so I could hear him. “Kookie”, I pleaded. “Please wake up!” I swear I heard him moan quietly. I hadn’t imagined it the first time! “Jungkook!” I shouted. “Please Jungkook, please get up!” “Y/n? Is that you?”, his disorientated voice made my heart leap with joy.  “Yes! Yes Jungkook it’s me, it’s y/n!” I hugged him, the relief flooding through me. “What’s going on?” “Hoseok. Hoseok’s a traitor. He’s with Yoongi! They’re taking us somewhere now, I don’t know where.” To my surprise, I heard him laugh. I put my phone screen on to check my ears weren’t deceiving me. They weren’t. “Y/n, did you hit your head on something? Hoseok’s one of us. He came to save y-” “He killed Taehyung!” I cried, cutting him off. “Jungkook, he stabbed Taehyung in front of me! And who do you think knocked you out?” “No…”, Jungkook whispered. “No y/n.” I reached out for him. “I’m so sorry.” He pulled away. “NO!” he yelled, making me jump. Then silence. The only indication I had of his presence was when he sniffed. Oh no, he’s crying. I hugged him again, and this time he hugged me back. His silent sobs were making him shake. I’d never seen him look so vulnerable, ever. “Jungkook…” I whimpered. My chest felt heavy hearing him like this. “Please don’t cry.” “Where’s my phone?”, he suddenly asked. “I was dialling Jin just before I was knocked out.” I sighed. As if he needed more bad news right now. “Yoongi destroyed it because it had a tracker in it. You don’t happen to know Jin’s number by heart do you?” “No, I don’t.” I was defeated. There was nothing else I could do in the situation we were in. For the first time, I was stumped. We sat in silence, holding each other for about five more minutes, when the van stopped. The doors suddenly opened, and I squinted my eyes. The sky was still dark, but it was still a sharp contrast to the pitch black of the van. 
Yoongi’s POV “What are you going to do with them?” Hoseok asked. He was in the middle of texting Jin that Yoongi had been dealt with, and some rubbish about him Tae and Jungkook consoling y/n.  “Hmm. Don’t know yet.” Yoongi’s anger hadn’t resided. He wanted the girl who had made himfeel, to suffer. “Where’s Jimin by the way?” Yoongi sighed as he pulled over. All these questions. “He kissed y/n. So I had to punish him.” Hoseok just stared. “He what?” Yoongi understood the shock on Hoseok’s face. After what happened with his girlfriend, Jimin had vowed never to get attached to girl, ever again. “He told you that?” Hoseok asked in disbelief.  “No, he isn’t that stupid Hobi. I knew. I know him very well.” Hoseok nodded slowly. “So this is what happens when I’m not there”, he quietly chuckled. “Yoongi…”, Hoseok started hesitantly. “Yesterday morning, I had to clean up the mess Jungkook left behind after killing Yuri”, Yoongi stiffened at the mention of the now deceased girl. “You wanna know where she’s buried.” Yoongi just shook his head. “I don’t give a shit”, he muttered. Hoseok just looked like he was expecting that answer. “Wait here until I call you. I’ll hit the side of the van twice when I want you to come out.” Hoseok nodded dutifully, as Yoongi left the van.
Y/n’s POV When my eyes adjusted, I saw Yoongi staring back at us, his expression dark. I recognised the building behind him immediately. We were back at that stupid warehouse. I was really getting sick of travelling back and forth. Jungkook’s grip on me tightened slightly under Yoongi’s scrutinising gaze. “Let her go”, Yoongi growled. When Jungkook didn’t, Yoongi reached around in his pocket for a gun. “Woah Woah!” I shouted, letting go of Jungkook and holding my hands up in surrender. “He’s let me go.” Yoongi slowly placed the gun back and beckoned for me to leave the van.  I looked down at him once before slowly walking towards him .“Don’t hurt him Yoongi or I swear-” “You swear what?” He grabbed me by the arm, and shook me. Jungkook just sat there, the anger evident. But he’ knows Yoongi will shoot, he can’t help you y/n. Yoongi suddenly smirked. Where the fuck did Hoseok go? Unless Jungkook sees himf or himself, he’ll think I’m mad. “Kiss me.” The words were so quiet, I wasn’t sure I heard correctly. “W-what?”, I breathed. Jungkook shifted in my peripheral vision. I glanced at him. Jesus Christ. If looks could kill, Yoongi would be festering in the lowest pits of hell right now. “You heard me babe.” I tried pulling away, but honestly, I don’t know why I bothered. His grip tightened and I moaned in pain. “Mmm. That’s not the first time I’ve made you moan, is it?” I gasped. Is he really going to pull this shit in front of Jungkook? “C’mon now. Be a good girl and kiss me. You know you want to.” I was shaking at this point. He was terrifying. “I-i don’t want to”, I whispered, tears threatening to spill. He smiled lovingly, but I knew it was a show. For Jungkook to get angry and do something stupid. So Yoongi had an excuse to shoot him right here. “Aww babygirl, please don’t cry”, his smile turned sinister as he slowly pulled the gun out again.Crap. “I’m not going to ask again”, he whispered. The look in his eyes told me he wasn’t joking. “OK, ok..” I prepared myself. “I’m so sorry Kookie”, I whispered. Jungkook said nothing, but I knew he was watching. I felt disgusting as I leaned in, my lips tightly pressed together, to kiss Yoongi. He wasn’t having it- he jabbed the gun into me, making me gasp and involuntarily open my mouth, so his tongue had access. My tears were falling freely now, as I let Yoongi explore my mouth.  I tried pulling away, but he pulled me in further. I noticed that as soon as Jungkook moved slightly, Yoongi pointed the gun at him, not breaking the kiss. He increased the pressure. He’s clearly enjoying this more than I am. Sadist. He finally pulled away, grinning. He stared at me, slowly licking his lips, and whispering “Delicious.” I looked away in disgust. He was getting a kick out of this. In all fairness, I’d rather have him torture me than do that again in front of Jungkook. No y/n. Not just in front of Jungkook, idiot. You don’t want him to do that PERIOD.  Yoongi suddenly hit the van twice, hard. The sound of the metal echoed, making some nearby birds startled. I watched how they flew away. I wish I could fly with them. Away from this mess. Hoseok suddenly appeared. “Grab her”, Yoongi ordered. He was clearly disappointed that Jungkook hadn’t moved to attack him. “Up!” he ordered to Jungkook. Jungkook was just staring at Hoseok, the pain in his eyes evident. “We’ll take them both downstairs. That’s where Jimin is. Lock them in there. Then I’ll decide her punishment.” At the mention of Jimin I my head shot up. What the fuck? He treats his own men like that? Jungkook didn’t even look at me as we walked up to the building I was beginning to hate. I looked at him, my eyes pleading with him, but he didn’t even acknowledge me. But I didn’t blame him. His family was in tatters. One was dead. The other was a traitor. Lord knows what the hell Jin was doing. And now his girlfriend had just kissed the man he hates, right in front of him. Y/n you had no choice. You did it to save him. Hoseok threw me into the room. I landed on my hands and knees with a classy “Ah fuck!” Jungkook landed, next to me. I turned just in time to see Yoongi shut the door. “NO!” I screamed. This room had no other way out, I knew it well. The lights were half on half off. Everything else, even the chairs were untouched. I remember leaving all the lights on, so has someone been in here? Maybe there’s a blown fuse somewhere seeing as we kept turning them on and off earlier. Jungkook got up and brushed himself off as I pounded at the door to no avail. “It’s no use, y/n. Save your strength. You might need it for another kiss.” I turned to stare at him in disbelief. “I did that to save your ass.” He scoffed. I couldn’t believe him. I pulled away from the door and walked to the chairs, to sit in one. “Well well, if it isn’t my favourite hostage”, a light hearted voice rumbled from the darkness. I screamed and jumped up, causing the chair I was sat on to topple over. Jungkook ran over to me, to stand in front. “Who the fuck is it?” he growled at the shadows. But I had already processed and recognised the voice. “Jimin?” He stepped forward and I gasped. His lip was bleeding and he had a black eye. He had a slight limp. “Shit, what the hell did he do?” I muttered, walking out from behind Jungkook.  “Don’t go near him y/n”, Jungkook warned. I rolled my eyes at him. After Yoongi, I knew none of these people could be trusted. But this was Orange. The boy who took a bullet for me- literally. And what was he going to do in the state he was in? But Jimin stepped back. “What?” I asked, confused. “This is my punishment babe”, he muttered.  I stared at him to elaborate. “If I don’t do this, I die. And so do you.” Why wasn’t he referring to Jungkook too? “Ah”, Jungkook made a small noise of understanding. “I don’t get it, what am I missing?” I was getting annoyed.  Slowly, Jimin produced a gun from his back pocket. My eyes widened and my heart rate increased tenfold. “What. The. Fuck”, I breathed. Jimin swallowed, running a hand through his orange hair. Jungkook slowly moved to block me from him, but I pushed him back and held my ground. “It’s not just my punishment. It’s our punishment”, Jimin whispered. By ‘our’ he was referring to me and him. I knew what he was going to say, but I let him finish anyway. “I have to kill him, and you have to watch. You have to hate me, and you have to hurt after losing him.” Yoongi, you sick bastard. “No. No Jimin, you don’t have to do this.” My hands were up in surrender. “Please, I’ll find another way. Don’t let that son of a bitch get into your head.” I was hoping Yoongi could hear this on his stupid CCTV thing. I wanted him to know he wasn’t going to get to me. “There isn’t another way” Jimin shook his head. He clearly didn’t want to do this. If I was him, I suppose I’d be jumping at the opportunity, seeing as Jungkook shot him, but no. He was quite the opposite. “This is Yoongi. He gets what he wants. Now please, move out of the way y/n.” I stepped back, closer to Jungkook. “No.” “Y/n, babe. Do as he says.” I stiffened. “Jungkook are you suicidal. I’m not moving damn it!” I turned to Jimin. The gun was shaking in his hand. Maybe I could still convince him not to do this. Convince him to go against his boss. Jimin looked at Jungkook. “I just saw Hoseok bring y/n in. I guess you know now, huh?” Jungkook stayed quiet. Why the hell is he making small talk? “Y/n move”, Jimin suddenly pleaded when Jungkook gave him no response. “If I don’t do this, all three of us are dead.” “You wanna get out of here alive? Let me think of something. Or else you can get to Jungkook by getting through me.” To my surprise and horror, Jimin cocked the gun. “Orange…” I whispered. Don’t do this To Be Continued....
Also wanted to let everyone know that she started a new Fanfic as well! :D It's called "He Didn't" I don't think I will be posting that fanfic here since I haven't asked her but if you are interested in reading it, make sure you go to her profile and check it out ^-^ I'm not sure if she had posted her first chapter for that fanfic on her Vingle.
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