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I encourage you to stop your diet, stop working out, stop trying.
I did this once during my journey. I hit my initial goal of losing 90 pounds and then I gave up. I stopped working out. I stopped eating healthy. I stopped the process of becoming a new me. This was unintentional, but it did something that left a lasting impression on me. Stoping my progress made me realize how much I needed to be healthy. It made me realize what a difference I had made it my life and how the change wouldn't be possible without my new found love for health and fitness. When I realized this, I started up again. I resubmitted the idea of a healthy lifestyle all over again and fell even more in live with the feeling of being healthy. In short, I became dedicated when I realized how badly I needed to live a healthy life. Give up what you've started so you can see how desperately you need to live a healthy life.
@danidee I'm not crazy healthy, but I've come to the point in my life where I can eat shitty food and know if it wasn't hot it would be disgusting
That's actually a really great tip. I feel like when I diet, I'm always rewarding myself with ~guilty food~ when that's kind of missing the whole point.
@alywoah I learned to say no. too often people go to eat out or make food at home and they create reasons to eat unhealthy."I had a salad for lunch", "I'm going to the gym later", the list goes on and on. so no to excuses and always take the healthier route.
good for you man.
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