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I've been dared by the multi-talented @shannonl5 And here it is. One character who deserves better:
LADY SIF Sif is a bad ass warrior. Sure, she gets a little time on Thor, but is it enough? I say thee nay! First, she's a love interest first class. Sorry, Natalie Portman, but Thor needs a partner, not Luke Skywalker's mom. If Wonder Woman gets a spin off from Supes v. Bats, then shouldn't Sif - someone who could go head to head with Diana no problem - get her own movie? I leave it to you.
Now you've been dared! +If you were tagged in this card it means you've been dared. +Repost with your favorite character +Tag 5 more people +Begin world domination I'm tagging my friends @BelleofRay @ThePervySage @CreeTheOtaku @LadyLuna and, let's say... @cardboardart
@shannonl5 I do think you're multi-talented. Sif against Hel? She'll need some help... *nudges Squirrel Girl towards her*
@JimTurpen <3 Hehe Squirrel Girl would try to convince them to form an alliance for sure
Awww you think I'm multi-talented :D :D :D I totally agree with you. Sif is amazing. I liked her ep in Agents of Shield but tbh I'd watch a movie starring her. And maybe Angela of Hel?