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From : Wandering Earl Blog Here is the list based on the countries that Wandering Earl has visited himself. Europe Western Europe is tough to make happen on $1000/month but it can be possible if you really transform yourself into a budget traveler who is willing to cut costs wherever you can. Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, on the other hand, are a different story, offering a diverse collection of interesting countries that can be thoroughly explored for much less money. He has been spending a great deal of time in this region over the past year and a half myself and he is repeatedly amazed at how good of a value these countries are for travelers. Just head to some of the destinations on the below list and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. In this part of the world, accommodation can be found for less than $15/night and as low as $7/night (for a bed in a dorm room at a hostel), local meals can be eaten for $2 – $10, bus and train transportation is very reasonably priced and other activities (entrance fees) are typically less than in Western Europe as well. Slovakia Slovenia Croatia Bosnia & Herzegovina Serbia Montenegro Albania Macedonia Bulgaria Romania Moldova Estonia Latvia Central America & Mexico Another region of the world that typically falls into the ‘you can travel for $1000/month’ category, you could spend months traveling around most of Central America on a tight budget. Wandering Earl knows of many travelers who begin their adventure in a place like Guatemala and several months later, they have still yet to leave. For those interested in a relatively low-cost introduction to the Spanish-speaking world, Central America is a solid option. And if you add Mexico into the mix, you might get stuck in this region forever. Mexico is one of the most underrated countries he has ever spent time in. It’s an incredibly diverse land, full of friendly people, with excellent food and intriguing culture everywhere you turn (it’s also much safer than most people think) and you can experience it all quite well even as a budget traveler. Panama Costa Rica Nicaragua Honduras El Salvador Guatemala Mexico Asia With so many countries to choose from, and with most of these countries more than ideal for budget travelers, it’s no wonder that Asia, especially Southeast Asia, is often the first stop on many travelers’ itineraries. With countries such as India and Indonesia offering some of the least expensive travel options on the planet ($500 USD per month is possible) and countries such as Thailand offering some of the best value travel experiences you can find anywhere, Asia is as good as it gets for anyone looking to travel for less than $1000 per month. Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Laos Malaysia Indonesia Myanmar Bangladesh Nepal Sri Lanka India Again, the list above consists of countries that he has personally been to so it goes without saying that there are plenty more out there that are perfect for budget travelers. And that’s why you are encourage to discuss and share your experience in this list.