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Yes and eating dry foods and meals cooked and baked are essential to one's Immune System. The lungs, kidneys, & other organs process water. Cold raw foods and bitter herbs must be avoided as their liquids can be a strain on said organs. Cold and raw foods are very healthy but only if your immune system has the energy to "prepare\cook\transform\transport" the food. Bitter substances are antibiotic and shouldn't be consumed by those with a weak immune system without correctly combining them with warming and toning plants.
White rooted plants like marshmallow root are Yin/fluid building. Avoid these if your immune system is weak. Unless you have diabetes and damp toxic heat because then you combine it with something hot and drying. Think Chinese "Xi Xin"... which is so drying. Or, Black Cohosh Root. Black Cohosh is actually so drying that those organs which have prolapsed lift and find their original shape and structure. The transverse colon is a prime example as it tends to sag over time.
Finally, remember to always have a plethora of nutritionists, various naturopathic physicians of various paths, and yourself involved in your health. Along with Western medicine, you can and will live in balance, harmony, love & light.
This is really interesting! I love herbs and nutritional healing. I always feel like that should be the first thing you try far before you try for any time of prescription medicines.
@danidee prescription medicines are powerful and can be very helpful. Combining this ancient art of herbology and proper application of pharmaceuticals achieve the greatest results. ;-)