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Hey guys!
For starters, I'm really sorry for not updating this series. School has started becoming stressful, and I was in a stump when trying to figure out where I wanted this story to go
When I first starting writing this story, I didn't have a clear intention on where the story was going to go. I just got the idea and I went from there. Then I started getting self conscious about my writing after reading some amazing fanfics.
So, I took sometime to think about this story, and I think I have it all figure out and I have my confidence back, hopefully *crosses fingers*
So for all of my 'Desperate Love' readers, I will be adding a new chapter tomorrow. Yay!!!! Finally!!!
If you want to be tagged or untagged from this series, let me know!
Thank you guys for being so patient. Saranghae <3 <3 <3
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you can do it! haja! ✊