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Spoilers❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❌❌❌ For anyone who has seen episode 736 you will know what I mean when I say I truly respect this admiral for truly wanting to take responsibility and be a true person of the meaning behind the Navy's JUSTICE!! He is a man of great power and I believe will become truly respected as he already is by dressarosa as well as Smoker for doing what Smoker once couldn't do for the happenings in Alabasta!! Admiral Fujitora is the man who should be the Fleet Admiral of the Navy in my opinion once things advance and the crappy current fleet Admiral Akainu who has done dastardly deeds especially the killing of our beloved Ace😭😭 These people, Fujitora & smoker truly will change the face of the navy in the future as the future of One Piece and the Straw Hats unfold!! I just hope Fujitora doesn't truly want to take the heads of Law and Luffy and decides to just stay off navy bases and keep sailing as a great navy Admiral changing the face of the Navy for good!!
their all badass
Aokiji, Fujitora, and Smoker would be the most badass team ever!!!
holy shit i just saw the ep that was fucking cool and bad ass
I think he'll join up with the Ice Dude (I forget his name, you know the one)
I haven't watched this weeks episode yet!
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