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Honestly, Zico is Not my Only bias in Block B...This guy right here has also Stolen a piece of my Fangirl Heart.

He's Tall, Handsome, He's got a nice Deep voice. Looks like a Total Badass, doesn't he?...

Don't let his looks Fool you though, Because One Minute He'll Be Like this, and the Next...

He's Like this...

this is Our Magnificent Maknae Pyo Jihoon (P.O)

I'm doing an Introduction card of all of the Members of Block B for all the New BBCs. I want you to Get to know all the members because they're all such Great Amazing Guys!

Welcome, New BBCs! :)

There's times when he is totally my bias wrecker.
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@NadineEsquivel I know that feeling. Sometimes he's just too cute. 馃槏
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he is my bias in blockb
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