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@shannonl5 dared me to tell my favorite ships. I'd have to say it's a tie between Stucky and The Science Bros.
@JimTurpen dared me on this one so here we go! I've seen a lot of love and hate for Squirrel Girl and she deserves SO MUCH BETTER. Oh wow, would you look at that? She beat Doctor Doom? M.O.D.O.K.? Thanos too? Even Deadpool and Wolverine?! Yeah, the girl with the power to communicate with squirrels beat up your favorite Merc with the mouth. Deal with it (I love Deadpool, no offense to anyone).
I had to quote Sam L Jackson and I'm not sorry....Now you've been dared! +If you were tagged in this card it means you've been dared. +Repost with your favorite character +Tag 5 more people +Begin world domination I challenge you: @ShinigamiSan @arnelli @InPlainSight @SamTheMallow @YoSoySoysauce
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@arnelli I AM SO EXCITED
ps @cardboardart I am so with you on Squirrel Girl. She's so much fun!!! I'm secretly hoping she shows up in Infinity Wars and just ends it XD
@shannonl5 THAT WOULD BE THE GREATEST ENDING TO A MOVIE!!!! If I don't see one squirrel in Infinity Wars I'll be very disappointed and write a strongly worded letter as to why Squirrel Girl should've just jumped in and ended the war...
@shannonl5 haha hi