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If you don't know who Lovelyti2002 is, you need to get with the times. She's talks about the current issues, especially on what's going on in pop culture and/or social issues. Recently she made a video about Justin Bieber and Kailyn Lowry rockin' some controversial hairstyles.
Both rocked the dreadlock look, and they both received backlash on social media. And I agree with everything she has to say about them rockin' the hairstyle. Personally, as an Afro-Latina with naturally coarse hair, I don't care how people want rock their hair -- whether that's straightened, with weave, in dreads, or natural.
With that said, people just need to give credit or props where it's due. And then it'll be all cool. That's difference between appreciation and appropriation. Black people have been wearing various protective styles for a very long time. Haristyles like bantu knots is something a lot of us are well-versed about. The fuckery becomes when we're (black people) ghetto, ratchet, or unkept for wearing these hairstyles, but when other races rock them, they are considered edgy. And sometimes, they are acknowledged as being the ones to discover or create that fashion trend.
And that can't even be farther from the truth. And that's the problem.
I love changing up my hair, not because I don't like my natural hair (I love it ), but because to me hair is like a fashion piece. I wear wigs, extensions, curly styles, braids, ect. One day I want to have curly hair, the next day I want blonde, bone-straight hair down to my ass and there's nothing wrong with that. And I do believe that everyone should be allowed to rock whatever look they damn well please.

WARNING: The beginning of the video is graphic, skip it over to 1:45.

(I tried to skip it myself for you guys, but YouTube isn't cooperating with me.)

Check out the video:

What do you think about what Lovelyti2002 had to say about dreads and other hairstyles?

@shannonl5 yeah that shit grinds my gears about the part about the double standard. that's the issue with it.
I hear where she's coming from. It feels like every other week there's another story about someone nonwhite getting dragged for their dreads (remember people saying Zendaya 'looked like she smells like patchouli') while someone white is being lauded for the exact same thing. It's a crappy double standard and every time it happens I don't see the white people rocking the look standing up and defending the nonwhite people who are getting made fun of for it