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One of my close friends is going to Korea this summer and she has a very severe peanut allergy.

Her doctor is making her carry a card to explain to people how serious it is, but she's also practiced how to talk to people herself in Korean!

Do any of you have allergies?!

This is actually super helpful because my best friend/travel partner is really allergic to sesame seed and thats in basically every korean dish
when it comes to food, any berry but I have to eat more than just a few and even then it's just bad hives. Airborne allergies, basically anything that grows out of the ground, hives, itchy eyes, nasal stuff. But does it stop there? oh no, if I go barefoot in the grass for too long, I'll get hives on my feet. I live in the worst place to have so many nature based allergies
I'm allergic to carpet...I known its weird
I'm allergic to seafood
I'm allergic to pollen and dust which is frustrating because I was born the first day of spring and live right across the street from the beach. Ugh.
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