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SBS’s drama series I Hear Your Voice was having a smooth beginning, with incredibly high ratings. Unfortunately, a publishing company just accused I Hear Your Voice for plagiarizing a novel it owns. To this accusation, the producer of I Hear Your Voice, RDM Media, announced that it will take strong actions against those who made false accusation against the drama and its producers. RDM Media also presented four reasons to prove that it didn’t plagiarize: 1. The drama’s motif is based on true cases. 2. The way cases are solved is different from the novel. 3. The drama’s overall storyline was set before the novel was published. 4. Twins are common subject of thrillers. Source: Oh no... I really hope it's not plagiarism. Twins cases are really common though and for now I see that it is very unlikely they will charged. Hope the case will be resolved soon.
@saharjalpari9 It's certain that you have to get permission and also pay the novel's writer. However I really don't think this is a case of plagiarism so don't worry too much :)
and also dats what helps novels gets its popularity 2 dats also what hpnd w twilight and happypotter 2 lols its not a big issue but i just hope they didn't just stole the story instead used it as a n inspiration
u knw what in pakistan they make dramas from novels they can't do dat in korea i guess they have to get the author permission first lol and i hope its not plagirised 2 bcs i love it <3