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There are a lot of things in Korean that don't translate to English, but there are plenty of English things that don't make it to Korean either!

1. Bless You!

After someone sneezes you don't have to say anything to them. Rather, you should just ignore it and act like it didn't happen :) It's not rude at all!

2. Sorry for Your Loss

When someone has something bad happen to them, you wouldn't say "I'm sorry" because you didn't do anything! Unless you actually were the person causing their pain, don't apologize! Usually people would say "what do we do?!" to show that they are supportive and looking for ways to make things better. For example: AMERICA - 1: "I lost my wallet!" 2:"Omg I'm sorry, that sucks!" KOREA - 1. "I lost my wallet!" 2:"Omg what should we do!?"

3. No Problem!

In some phrase books they teach you 천만에요 (cheon-man-eh-yo) to mean "no problem!" or "you're welcome" when someone tells you thank you. That's suuuuper unnatural! People just say "아니요!" (ah-ni-yo) which simply means "no" :D
Lol when someone says thank you just say no 😂
1. 'Bless You' is a carry over from the black plague. It's a European thing. N & S America were colonized by Europeans whixh is why we use it. 2. The only time you can say it is when someone dies, but that's in a very formal situation: 유감입니다 (I feel it) 3. People will also say 언제든지 (언제든) it means Anytime
Dang...I'm going to have to work on the sorry thing. I apologize for EVERYTHING
@kpopandkimchi OHHH NOOOO HOW WILL I DO THIS? I'm going to go over there, accidently say something like "sorry for being late" and once I recognize my mistake I will more than likely follow it with another "sorry" xD
Very helpful, I didn't know about the thank you one, or the sneezing one. Thank you!!
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