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“Split personality much?”
He actually grins that you give it right back to him. You just shake your head, not sure you will ever understand this man. You are thinking that you really don’t want to try but something keeps pulling you towards him like an invisible string. Shaking your head to clear it, you refocus on the meeting. The only way to not get caught up in his drama is to not allow yourself be pulled in. Doing your job, minimizing your association with Jiyong’s nuthang group are all on the top of your to do list.
To your irritation at the end of the meeting you are assigned to work out the fine details with Kyungil. You glance in his direction; positive you will see the same annoyance, only to find him looking at you like a Cheshire cat. What?!?
With relief you escape the building and the questionably sane friend of Jiyong’s. Inside the taxi your text buzzes.
HP: Run little girl, run.
What the hell?!?! You decide to ignore it and stick straight to business.
YOU: The next meeting is in one week, when in your schedule can we meet?
You wait a good twenty minutes with no response;
YOU: Kyungil? Games aren’t involved in business, when can we meet?
After another hour and still no response you say forget it. He may be the leader of the group but surely there’s another member you can work with? You make yourself a note to call the director about it the next day; he has until then to respond.
Jak arrives home with dinner, the two of you prepare to sit and dish on the crazy man that seems to have to be around until your project is finished.
“He really isn’t as crazy as he’s acting,” she begins. “Troubled, maybe, but look at his life. What celebrity anywhere isn’t a little bit messed up or confused with life?”
“Jiyong doesn’t seem so messed up,” you counter.
Jak falls backward laughing, “Oh God seriously? He’s dating ME! How much more messed up can you get?”
You just look over and humor her; she’s a much better person than she’ll ever give herself credit for. She may have trouble expressing emotion but she is the most giving and loving person you’ve ever met. You’ve always known that her anxiety is the reason she is surrounded by people night and day.
“So what does that say about me? I’ve been around you for how many years?” You grin over at her, “Well, I never said I was normal.”
After another hour or so, her phone goes off. You can tell by the way her face lights up that it’s Ji.
“He wanting to see you?”
“Nah, well yeah, but he knows it’s a girls night. He’s just asking about later.”
The two of you make a pan of brownies and devour the whole thing while laughing and catching up. After the last bite Jak groans and holds her stomach.
“Stupid PMS, I’m totally gonna regret that.”
“Eating the last brownie?”
“Eating any of them! Ji knows my cycle, he’s totally going to have junk food to keep me pleasant.” She laughs and groans again, “If I don’t eat it he’s gonna be hurt and think I don’t want to hang with him.”
“Men over here confuse me,” you say with a shake of your head.
“You and me both. But, I think any man would confuse me from anywhere.”
An hour later Jiyong arrives to pick her up, he eyes the empty pan of brownies in the sink. You just smile at his raised eyebrow and go back to flipping channels.
“You’re okay with her coming with me? Don’t need to stay up chatting all night?”
You laugh, “Nah, I live with the woman now. You’re good.”
He nods and takes Jak’s hand when she comes out. “Thanks. I head out again in a couple of days.”
Jak gives you an awkward hug on her way out the door, “It’ll all be good. Call if you need me.”
You watch them leave; yeah, like you'd ever let that happen.
Ten minutes later there’s a knock on the door. You open it with a laugh thinking that Jak forgot her keys.
“Seriously woman?” You laughing stops as you come face to face with Kyungil.
“I’m not a woman, I thought you’d noticed; or do you require more proof?”
He walks towards you with his last statement. You automatically move to block the door.
“You ignore texts about work and think you can just show up here whenever you want?”
He holds up a grocery bag, “I brought refreshment.”
“I don’t drink.”
He throws his head back, “Of course you don’t, {YN] the saint. Guess I’ll have to move that one up to #7.”
Your hackles are now raised, “You have less than 10 seconds to give me a good reason for being here before I shut the door. 10, 9, 8..”
He puts his foot in the door, “We have work to do.”
You inch the door closed a little more, squishing his foot. “I work during the daylight, I’m not a vampire.”
He pushes against the door and backs you into the apartment. “I’m not so sure I believe that. Something keeps pulling me back to you, now if you were a vampire, I could blame on it on that.”
You turn and walk into your apartment; “Fine, you’re here to work, let’s work.”
He stops in the kitchen and grabs a glass on his way through. He joins you on the floor and opens his bag pulling out a bottle of Soju. You turn the TV off and look over at him;
“If you’re going to get drunk; we can’t work. Besides, how did you know Jak wouldn’t be here?”
“I waited for her to leave.”
“You…” you can’t believe what you’re hearing. “Just how long have you waited for her to leave?”
He shrugs, “A couple of hours. Ji’s leaving town again, I knew she wouldn’t stay long.”
You decide the only way to deal with him is to not deal with him and simply work. When you pull the sketches out he’s already half way through his first bottle. He reaches over and takes the sketches from you. He pretends to study them for a minute, quickly pushes them to the side and turns to you.
“I lied. I don’t want to work.”
“I can see that. You came to get drunk? Gee thanks, not sure if that’s better than being drunk texted or worse.”
He takes another swig of his drink, “I just need to be here okay?”
Looking over you can see the turmoil in his eyes, you sigh, what a softy you are. “Fine, but one false drunk move and you’re out on your butt.”
He nods, letting his head fall back onto the cushion of the couch.
Oh no, I have a weakness for broken jackasses. At least this one has a job, that's new for me...
In JUST LOVE ME PART 7 on the comments I wrote "mmhmmm *Cheshire smile"
ayyye you used my word so happy lol
this prick.. ha @MaritessSison I'm feeling bipolar here reading this. I want to distance myself from him. yet I could possibly be his salvation.. his solution. get this Lee chick out of his system or whatever.. not a rebound but rehab
Bipolar much??!!! This boy lol😐
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