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The rest of the good pics! My friend Febe has a better pic of Simon D squishing Loco's cheeks, I'll have to ask her for it.
Gray somehow managed to be in most of my pics even if he was blurry lol.
Smiley guys!
I dunno if Jay was tryin to climb into the balcony or what but he was up there awhile lol. Simon D really does love his fans a lot!
Concert end! And when it was over it was OVER. NO encore nothing, they booked it outta there after the last song. But I think they only had a short time before they had to get to New York so yea I didn't mind that much. You can see in Gray's Snap chat they went to sushi like right after they left the venue. Also me and the sisters are almost positive Gray was a sneaky jerk that walked right by the VVIP line around noon before the concert becuase we saw a guy with that EXACT hoodie he had on eating sushi that night go by us. Didn't see anyone else that had that hoodie in the crowd either... So keep your eyes peeled for the AOMG boys being sneaky shits before the show! And concert swag haul. I went crazy and got one of every shirt both hats and my VVIP shirt. They're kinda stacked together so you can't see them all but yea all together I walked away with SIX shirts (counting my sister's two), two hats, two light sticks, two tour posters, and one of the water bottles from the stage. I have no shame and I'm not sorry lol.


End of show pic with the whole crew and the awesome dancers! I'm so happy that you can actually see me in this because usually I can never see myself in these things. And what a place to be right in between Gray and Jay!


So I didn't get to stand next to Gray like planned but Simon D! And OH my gosh! *-* he kept bumping my shoulder! You see that ridiculous smile on my face?! I was so happy I could do anything for the picture! Oh! I have to tell you this, we were the second group to get pictures and Jay got so annoyed with the photographer cause he wasn't giving a count down so Jay made him redo ours and said 'can we at least get a one, two, three first this time?' Like holy crap don't upset sick Jay but it was so funny cause you could tell he wasn't really mad just kinda annoyed they were rushing it. After the pics you went around again for the high-fives then around again to get a spot on the floor after they went backstage again.


Ok I wanted to share this not for the sound quality (which sucks honestly sorry, remember messed up settings and not four feet away from the front speakers. bass killed the sound) but because I wanted y'all to hear Jay talk and hear when the crowd sang Joah with Jay which you can hear. That was seriously the best part of the night for me right there. *lemme know if you have problems with the video cause it's been a finicky butt all freckin day. ^^ Again if you are going to one of the shows you'll have a great time and hopefully make some new friends cause with the exception of a very few EVERYONE is so nice! Have fun!!
ahhhh that looks so fun and lol I'm probably gonna be extremely nervous too so I'll just smile but I'm soo excited I'll definitely tag you in my pictures !
JAAAE it's so awesome you got to go!
@Jiyongixoxo you better tag me! I was so nervous too until we got up to them and they were all so chill plus their English is really good too
I have always loved Jay but then Gray started to steal it but woop there he was Simon D for the kill. @KellyOConnor
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