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Nakama Campfire Challenge- What is my favorite anime Franchise?
I was debating whether or not I should use one kof my two favorite shows, them being, Steins;Gate and Log Horizon. But I didnt, I decided to have one with a little more depth, seeing as Log horizon only has 2 seasons and steins gate only has one season and a movie with a new season still yet to come out.
So I've picked Hunter X Hunter! I loved everything about this show! From the fight scenes to the detailed plot of the story and characters! Yes, Log Horizon and Steins;Gate are my two favorite of all time but HxH is close up there too! Here are a few of my favorite characters from the show!
Meruem and Komugi! They are my OTP over all! I love the relationship that they developed between each other! Yeah, I pretty much cried on their death scene! To see a King as powerful as he was being held by such a sweet kind loving girl like her really got me!
Hisoka is pretty freaking badass! Although he has his creepy moments, they just add to his awesomeness!
Can't forget about Kite!!! He is one bad ass dude! Wish I could see what the rest of his numbers are used for!
And I can't forget about the one who suprisingly took hold of my heart! One of the Kings Royal Guard and I think the stones of the guard, NeferPitou! Oh my! Yes!
Although there are many bad ass characters in this show I didn't feel like naming them all! So thanks for checking out my card once more! Till the next one @InVinsybll @hikaymm