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Enter At Your Own Pleasure (n///n)


Jackson X reader special guest Jimin. and Suga
Hi okay back again with another request
this is for @jessicaacosta90 Enjoy
Credit To The Own Of Photo MySelf lol!

Hey, it’s me again (Y/N)

Have you ever just woke up one morning and felt just so happy to be alive? Yeah me neither… that is until I meant Jimin but I guess it’s true what they say “Happiness never truly last…”

Sincerely yours, A childhood friend.

It was a bright Saturday morning when Jackson had gone to the little coffee shop by the corner where you and he first met. He was waiting there for Suga for a couple of hours, until finally a white pale skin dirty white grey hair color boy walks in. Suga eyes looked colder than usual.

“So you actually came?” Suga taunts.
Jackson blows his paper of his straw at him hitting Suga on his face.
“Don’t tempt me,” Jackson sounded serious as he raked his hair back.

“I didn’t mean to hit her “suga whispered
“But you hit her anyways! Why didn’t you stop?” Jackson shouts quietly people turn to look at them some taking out there phones.
“Let’s go talk somewhere more private, seeing how you don’t have a indoor voice” Suga sass

Jackson grabs his coat and walk out Suga following behind as they walk toward a dark ally. Jackson shoves Suga against a dirty and old building wall. Jackson used his forearm to push him, pressing it against Suga neck.
“Are you really going to betray Jimin? I never imagined you would stoop so low?” Jackson told Suga who face express became disgraceful. Suga pushed Jackson away from him dusting himself off.

“Look I’m doing it for a reason,” Suga said

“For your own selfish needs?”

“Shut up Jackson!” Suga barked

“Forget it, just lose her to him anyways you’ve always been good at” said suga as he walked away.

“Just like you am I right?” Jackson word made Suga stop.

“Isn’t that why you drove but not to hit her, oh no but to hit one of us? Am I right sugar bear?”

Suga turn to look at Jackson his face his eyes filled with hatred.

“you want us to fight- no kill each other for her or for her to end up hating me and jimin. the both us, that way you can make your move. isn't that right Suga!?” said Jackson

“SHUT UP!” Suga shouted. “YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT MY TRUE INTENTIONS WHERE!” Jackson arched a brow,

“EVERYTHING was going fine... before you came along!”said suga, his eyes tearing up
“We were supposed to meet up that day! But you ruined it with her!”

“Wait suga what are you talking about?” Jackson asked suga while walking toward the crying boy.

“Don’t come near me damn it! I swear- ugh” Suga growl balling up his fist.

“Explain yourself suga!"

“She was my childhood friends! Jackson!”

Jackson was shocked, "what?" There was silence as Jackson was still processing what he just heard.

“Suga! Hey! Where you been man? and Why did you take off last time-?” Jimin asked.
Jimin notice Jackson standing across from Suga, why would they be here together? jimin sense something was off.
“Jackson?” Jimin said with a dark facial expression as he walks over to Suga who was trying to wipe away the tears.

“Why is Suga crying? what did you do to him?” jimin voice became rough as he shove Jackson away from suga.

“Careful now, you’re helping the enemy,” Jackson blurted with a cocky tone of voice.

Suga stood still he was scared of what Jackson was going to say next. Jimin looked confused. Jimin turn to look at Suga and notice the way Suga face expression changed just like before as if he has been caught once again. like he was hiding something...

“Suga, what on earth is he talking about?” Jimin asks

“He won’t tell you” Jackson reply.

“SHUT UP JACKSON” Suga shouts angrily

“Why should I? Your secret was never meant to last!” Jackson threaten Suga as he approached him.
Jimin stood in front of suga and shoved Jackson hard causing him to fall to the ground.

“You know what suck, Jimin?” Jackson asked Sarcastically.

jimin didn't not reply to Jackson only glared angrily at him.

“the thing that suck is that now I have doubled the competition,” said jackson, as he looked at Jimin.

Suga notice the way Jimin body tense up. “What? What are you-?”

“I love you…” Suga blurted out.

Jimin turned to look at the boy who eyes filled with tears and a face that was puffy and reddish.

“I have feeling for you, had them for a while I tried to denied them but they kept coming back and it kills me to know that I can’t have you” Suga voice nearly cracking.

Jimin just stare at him then looks at Jackson who is still on the ground and looks quite shocked himself. Suga tried to hold back his tears closing his eyes tightly.

“Your lying” Jimin said as he stared down at Suga.

Suga smirks “you know me to will Jimin”

“What secret SUGA!” Jimin grabs him by his jacket nearly lifting him up.

“I can’t tell you” suga said on his tiptoes.

this anger jimin causing him to slap suga.
“Bitch” suga curse at Jimin.

“he was the one that hit her. the guy who drove the car” Jackson said dusting off the dirt on his pants.

suga shove jimin away and rushes towarss Jackson throwing one fist after another “you bastard how fucking dare you! I’ll kill you”

Jackson finally grab a hold of Suga fist and toss him off shoving HIM on the ground. jackson stood up and kicks suga in the gut 3 or 4 time. Jimin grab Jackson by his forearm pulling jackson away from Suga.

“that enough!” A voice shouts out of the blue they all turn to look

“(Y/N)!” all three shout

“(Y/N) I can’t believe it’s you” Jackson run towards you. “Jackson” you break down in tears as you watch as he run up to and take you into his arms “I missed you so much” you cried stupidly. “(Y/N)...” you look up to look at Jimin who looked heartbroken. You realized what you had just said and done and shoved Jackson away “where did you go?” you ask Jackson “(Y/N) let me explain-“

“You never come back!” you cut him off “why did you leave?” you began to tear up “I had to!” Jackson shouted you slap Jackson across the face leaving a red handprint. “I am sorry I’m so sorry” Jackson apologized. You notice as Jimin began to walk away “Jimin wait!” you called out to him “where are you going?” you chased after Jimin placing your arms around him not wanting to let him go. “its over I should have know this would happen the very moment you came to see him you’d run straight to him you’ll always love him more” Jimin voice was sad and a cold expression but his filled with tears.
“Jimin please” you plead

“Let me go please” Jimin began to cry. Suga pulled you away “just let him go for now” suga advice you as he walks away with Jimin. Jackson came to you but you pushed him away and walk home “don’t you dare follow “you threaten but Jackson followed you, you turn to look at him then slap him again. Jackson grabbed a hold of you and kissed you. You felt as if life had stop you stomach felt light again just like before just like the first time. You began to cry again “I’m sorry I left I felt like it was the right thing to do for you” Jackson explain as he whip away your tears. “Who told you that huh” ask him as you pushed him away again

“Jimin did” your heart drop…


Jimin and Suga walked home together suga trying to comfort him. “Tell me the truth Suga what secret was Jackson talking about?” Jimin ask Suga, suga stayed quiet for a while “I known her way before you and Jackson” suga said.

“What do you mean? “
“Don’t way I don’t have feeling for her… I was serious when I said I like you” Suga kissed Jimin. Jimin pushed him away “you play too much” Jimin shouted whipping his lips Suga started laughing. “I know her we were childhood “Suga explained, “We use to be close friends we lived two houses away from each other.” Jimin was a bit confused “what happen between you two?” Jimin asked “she fell for me and I fell for her friend” suga said cockily “mhmm sure wasn’t the other way around “ Jimin smirk “ yeah true now she fell for you when I fell for her” Suga said “but you said you didn’t like her”

“I don’t I love her she still write me letters but I know I can’t have her because I know you love her” suga look down at the ground,
“Why did you meet up with Jackson?” Jimin ask suga eyes widen.

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