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{NC} Favorite Animation Studio
Nakama Campfire Challenge - My favorite animation studio? Hmm I don't really pay close attention to the studio producers but I picked one based on one of my favorite anime.
That is White Fox, the producers of one of my favorite anime, Steins;Gate!
I don't know much about the studio itself except for that they have also produced some others like The Devils a Part Timer Tears to Tiara and Akame ga Kill!
So that's really all I know of them, sorry for the lack of info but like I said I don't know much about studios and I didn't quite feel like looking into at the moment. So till the next challenge, later! @hikaymm @InVinsybll
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god i loved Steins;Gate, can't wait for Steins;gate 0 \[°^°]/
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@vinaltine You and me both!!! Once it starts idk how I'll be able to contain myself week to week in between each episode!
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@assasingod right lol
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