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Okay, this is originally for his Japanese fans..Thus, the Japanese subtitles.. ^^ maybe a video for the rest of us will come a little later.. I'm gonna try to translate it roughly.. So if there are any corrections for those fluent in Korean out there, help is always welcome.. Translation by ameliasantos10: "On my birthday, a lot of you have greeted me warmly.. I feel so happy and grateful.. Thank you very much! Because of your greetings, support and cheers, I'm gonna work ward and prepare for the new drama very well.. I'm definitely coming back to Japan again.. Until then, please take care of your health and stay happy always.. Thank you!"
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I wish he would come to America
5 years ago·Reply
i luv him.... :)
5 years ago·Reply
nice haircut LeeMinHo! I LOVE IT...:D
5 years ago·Reply
nice haircut, so cute oppa...
5 years ago·Reply
I love him, he's so hot !
5 years ago·Reply