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Wahhh, 1/3 of this challenge is about to be completed. This is exciting because I get to post about these beautiful genes. *♡.♡*
And don't forget CandY to have an awesome start of the week. However that's not my goofy group photo of these men.
These are my goofy pics and gif of these men... -Seyoung que haces? Why bite his ear, I'll let you bite mine.. ;D -Casper I'm so sorry your front is chopped off, but it makes it goofy & funny. Sangmin what in heavens?! -Sangmin even though those moves didn't make it to my heart lol, they sure struck Casper's. lol *Goal in my next life: become that teddy bear ♡.
Okis my lovely small CandY familia.. Hasta mañana. 안녕 @AimeeH @Tigerlily84 @jerrilynnpope Sweet besos!