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I'm tired of everyone suddenly wanting to care .. I took care of myself for so long . and then suddenly everyone is interested if I'm mentally okay ? Like I don't need you  .. I've been in worse situations where I thought taking my own life was my only option,  and no one was there to stop me but now that I'm just trying not to think bad everyone brings out the past and makes me relive it and say I have the problem even though I'm past all that . 2/10/16
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Being a beliver in Christ Jesus let's us accept who we were and allows us to enjoy who we are becoming in him.Life really begins when Jesus is Lord of you life.His sacrfice for our life was the greatest gift from God we could have accepted.My beloved stop looking back and embrace you present you have been forgiven and no matter your past you have a bright future.Look to your in him for your past is just what it is your past you can not chafe one thing.But hope is the evidence of things unseen .Trust