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I don't know about y'all but I am excited as all get out right now. Like beyond excited. I kinda flipped when this image was announced. I shrieked and scared my grandma half to death, but enough about me. Is there anything you guys are expecting from this album? Any particular units you wanna hear something from? What about solos? I know that I'm willing to settle for any and everything the throw at me, but I can't speak for you.

So voice your thoughts in the comments below!

P.S. I know I have not posted Days 9 &10 of my 30 day challenge but I will be posting them later tonight. Today my family came over so I spent time with them and yesterday I was preoccupied with helping @AimeeH learn how to use photoshop. Sorry for slacking. I love you guys, and Seventeen!
Im waitin for Jeonghans hair tbh
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@tayunnie same, I hope its short and sleek so all the fake jeonghan stans are weeded out.
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@CreeTheOtaku same. As long as he's happy with his hair then I'm happy with his hair.
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@CreeTheOtaku if it's anything like the other dances then I'm ready to be slayed.
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