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Lee Jong Sung and Park Bo Young might become LOVERS in upcoming movie "Blood Boiling Youth/피끓는 청춘" Jong Suk's agency confirmed that he has received the offer and is in the middle of reviewing the script. As suggested by the name, the movie tells about the life of youth back in the 80s, how they lived their days full of excitement and impulsiveness. Among many emotions displayed in the movie is love between young couples, which potentially include one between Jong Suk and Park Bo Young! OMG! I really hope Jong suk accept this role. Because he if he does, he's gonna be acting as a Casanova named Jung Gil, who can get every girl he wants, until he met Bo Young that is. (I can totally imagine him as one, with that smile of his..) Bo Young's character seems to be a bit more complicated, as she turns herself into an Iljin. Iljin is basically a younger version of mafia. If you remember school 2013, it's people like Oh Jung Ho and the past Jong Suk. Hope I can hear good news about this one! p.s: Does anyone feel jealous with Park Bo Young? She gets to act with Joong Ki, Soo Hyun and potentially Jong Suk as well! But she's cute and her acting in Werewolf is really good, so I'm not really complaining :D Source: