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Yeah, yeah I know I've posted many things about NaLu such it's not my favorite.
Even though Jallal was "Evil" Erza still had hope on him and that is sooo cute.
Erza is so selfless and strong and always has her guard up but with Jallal she lets her guard down and Jallal thinks he doesn't deserve Erza which is why they shoul totally be together. Jallal is so innocent (in a way) and not to mention hot as hell maybe more than Gray (sorry Gray fangirls ) But sometimes Jallal can such a p*ssy like gosh damn it KISS ERZA FOR THE LOVE OF FAIRYTAIL!! Anyways... I don't know about you but Jerza is on my top ship list.
@Bakaausagi They are all different couples yet easy to love, so I understand how you feel .
I really can't pick a favorite here! Jerza, Gruvia, or Gale! Okay maybe Gruvia is out of the game because I Love Gray❤ GaLe or Jerza?? What to do?!
@OtakuDemon10 Totally! Gajeel and Levy proof that it doesn't matter how different two persons are love overcomes all differences.
Love Jerza! I was surprised to see it so popular on my NoTP card... But my favorite has got to be GaLe. It's so cute cuz they're polar opposites, but they obviously care deeply for each other. I believe that Gajeel feels guilty and doesn't want to see Levy get hurt again like in the Phantom Lord arc, so he's very protective of her, and she recognizes that and returns those feelings, so I love how that's grown💕They're definitely in my short list of OTPs!